76 year old old man swimming in the Jialing River was washed away by the flood. 5 people were rescued by long bamboo poles.

76 year old old man swimming in the Jialing River was washed away by the flood. 5 people were rescued by long bamboo poles.

Original title: the old man was washed away and 5 people rescued him with bamboo sticks.

Newspaper news (reporter Jiang Yan correspondent Li Wenjing) yesterday, a video in a circle of friends crazy turn: an old man drifting down the river, several people with a bamboo pole to save him.

At 9 o'clock in the morning of yesterday morning, under the Nanping Jialingjiang bridge of the Nanping Garden community in the Nanjin Street street of the Hechuan District, we were suddenly crying out a number of voices in the flood of people. "Look quickly, there is a person in the river!" "Save someone, someone is falling into the water!"... In a turbulent River, an old man is floating along with a large floating object. Soon, the old man ran along the shore and rushed from the bridge to the Luo's fishing village not far away.

Tan Zhaohong, the captain of the water police detachment of the Public Security Bureau, with his team members, was patrolling the safety of the catering and catering ships along the river with the Marine Department of the Hechuan district. The speed of the water is very fast. Luckily, the floating matter has slowed down the speed of the old man's rush to the downstream, and has created favorable conditions for the rescue.

When the old man was rushed to the middle of the fishing boat, 5 workers from Luo's fishing village seized the opportunity to extend a long bamboo pole to the old man. The old man took his strength and grabbed the bamboo pole. The 3 workers held the other side of the bamboo pole tightly and resisted the great momentum brought by the surging river to ensure that the old man was no longer washed down. The other two workers brought hemp rope to make the rope sleeve to the old man. With concerted efforts, the old man was rescued at 9:14. It took only 3 minutes to save the life and death.

After asking, the old man is 76 years old. He usually has the habit of swimming. He went swimming in the river yesterday morning and was washed away by the flood. After receiving the phone call from the police, the old man's family came to pick him up.

In the past more than 10 years, more than 20 people have been involved in rescuing Luo's fishing. Only 3 people have been rescued in these two days. "No matter what you do, anyone who sees this situation will lend a helping hand." Luo Anguo, who runs the ROI fishing boat, says.

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