Hangzhou 00 go go to defeat AI: want to challenge Alfa dog (map)

Hangzhou 00 go go to defeat AI: want to challenge Alfa dog (map)

Original title: Hangzhou 00 after the boy defeated AI: want to challenge Alfa dog! And it's like Yao Ming.

In May this year, the "Friendship Cup" man-machine competition, adhere to the "do not go to go" AI chess player star array on a number of domestic and international games of unlimited chess players launched a "massacre". 35 consecutive victories, the human chess player once had no face.

A few days later, a 00 in Hangzhou sat down opposite to it and ended it in hundreds of rounds. He became the "man" who recently defeated AI chess player.

In order to give the "hero of the attack" three points thin, Xie Ke and our leading actor talked about a game. It's a surprise!

End AI chess player 35 consecutive wins

"I just caught the blind spot of the AI chess player."

"Once you get the taste of go, other games will become dull." Born in 2000 and just in the six paragraph of last month, Sheffield in the Hangzhou branch of the Chinese Chess Academy appeared to be much more mature than his peers.

Mention of Xie Ke, whether he is a professional chess player or an amateur, will associate with the man-machine war two months ago.

In May, the "Friendship Cup" man-machine competition, adhere to the "do not let go" AI chess player star array on a number of people in the domestic and international arena on the human chess player launched a "massacre". 35 winning streaks, the stars once made human chess players face.

In May 14th, Xie Ke, who was just over 18 years old, sat opposite the star array.

It was a beforehand game. One of them, the star array has proved his strong strength by defeating the male, and the two, Sheffield, who had just defeated the world champion Schell Howe in the siege earlier in the match, was a "tired teacher". "AI player's physical ability is infinite, and he won't feel tired. It's not easy to play chess with him." Xie Ke was mentally prepared for the difficulty of the match.

The first 150 hands, the star array has been carrying the rhythm of the game, a little bit of eyes will not lose, sheffiele is extremely passive; 175th hands, the star array "no retreat" hidden danger, Xie began to reverse the situation; 221st hand, Xie family on the left, star array son... Win, 00 players end the AI player's winning streak.

For this victory, Shele was calm: "the AI chess player has a blind spot in the calculation, causing the negligence in control of the overall situation, and I just caught the blind spot." This kind of self evaluation is quite consistent with the analysis of the professional chess game - the star array emphasizes every goal, but ignores the means of robbery below Shele, which is not very likely to appear in the human race. The difference between AI and human thinking leads to the existence of some weaknesses. To defeat AI, human beings are not without opportunity. He said that if there is a chance, every professional chess player would like to challenge AlphaGo.

5 years old, sitting in front of the board

The king? Eat chicken? I haven't heard all of it.

"I think playing weiqi is like fighting. I like the feeling of playing volleyball and playing on the battlefield." Xie Ke said, since he was sent to learn Weiqi by his father at the age of 5, he recognized the road, and worked hard towards the professional chess player, taking the Korean chess player Li Shishi as his benchmark. "He let me know that, if I want to succeed, he will have to pay more effort than others."

For people of the same age as Xie Ke, playing games and playing cell phones are two of their great hobbies. For his peers, Xie has no interest. "The glory of the king", "the League of heroes", "the life of the Jedi", these most popular games, he did not even hear the name, let alone play.

As for brush micro-blog, brush WeChat and brush her voice, he doesn't like it either. When he had nothing to do, he would watch TV dramas and martial arts novels. He said Wallace Huo was his favorite actor and actress.

Another point is that Xie Ke and his peers are not the same. Due to the way of professional chess players, school is bound to be affected. Peers have just taken part in the college entrance examination, and Xie Ke often takes part in professional competitions. About school, Xie Ke feels that some knowledge is not necessarily only learned in school, but can be "self-taught". As for going to university, there are still some ideas, but it will not be formally considered until after retirement. "It's like Yao Ming." Xie Ke said.

Source: Hangzhou daily

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