Sichuan deflagration official: the company's blockade of death list is confirmed.

Sichuan deflagration official: the company's blockade of death list is confirmed.

Original title: 19 dead 12 injured, exclusive interview with Sichuan Jiang'an explosion location officials: the company has been blocked, the death list is confirmed

Source: China Newsweek

Up to the present

The accident has killed 19 people and 12 people were injured

The death list is being confirmed

According to the Sichuan Provincial Security Supervision Bureau, a detonation accident occurred at about 18:30 on July 12, 2018 at the Yangchun Industrial Park, Jiang'an County, Yibin City, Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. Up to now, the accident has resulted in 19 deaths and 12 injuries. The death list is being confirmed.

China News Weekly contacted Liu Ping, the director of the administrative committee of Yangchun Industrial Park, Jiang'an County, to understand the progress of the accident treatment and the scene of the explosion.

China News Weekly: how is the latest progress in accident handling?

Liu Ping: DNA comparison is being carried out to confirm the death list.

According to the management committee, among the casualties, a temporary factory guardian was wounded by a splash of explosives, and the rescue was invalid after being sent to the hospital, and the rest were factory workers. Residential areas have long been relocated to towns, and there are no permanent residents around the site.

The management committee, together with the staff of the subordinate investment company, has 35 staff, one is responsible for the corresponding logistic guarantee, and the two is to receive the families of the casualties and check the list in succession. The explosion of the company has been blocked, after the disposal of the work is being investigated, relatively smooth, some of the families have come to the scene, and the county police set up a one - to - one disposal work group.

There is a strict safety distance between factories. The explosion did not affect other factories.

The Propaganda Department of Jiang'an county Party committee is responsible for external communication. At present, we have not received any notice of the latest news.

China News Weekly: what happened at the scene of the explosion?

Liu Ping: the explosion occurred around 18:30 in July 12th. At that time, Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. was hand in hand over the class, and the surrounding factory was probably in the handover class, and the shock of the explosion could be felt in the vicinity.

At the time I was in the office of the Council, I heard a very large explosion, very big, and felt a lot of shock. But it was not so exaggerated as the earthquake, the light did not shake, and the cup was still on the table. My first reaction is: there must be something wrong. Immediately to the window, see the east side of the smoke, the direction of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, pick up the mobile phone to the scene, at that time is not sure the specific position, only a general position. Then report the leader right away. Maybe the factory has something to happen. There is a shock. It needs further verification. The leader replied that it immediately verified it. Then the leader informed the Department.

I arrived 10 minutes after the accident, and no more explosions were heard at that time, only the factory was burning. Then saw fire engines, ambulances, county leaders and armed police forces arrived one after another.

The first thing is to evacuate the scene personnel, some can rescue immediately rescue, but the heavy disaster area of the factory must be first to fight fire, then save people, and also afraid of two explosions.

At that time, people who could run out ran out, and there were more people running out. The rescued people were immediately sent to the hospital.

China News Weekly: when did the blaze blow out?

Liu Ping: open fire to get comprehensive control about 11:25 at about 11:25 in the evening, the whole factory is isolated, all have a warning line, isolation area, out of a send to a hospital, basically able to deliver to the hospital, in the workshop, the fire is big, two is the core area of the explosion, no running out of the basic will no longer Come out.

Provincial and provincial emergency disposal meetings have been held one after another. The leaders of provinces and cities have participated in the meeting, arranged and deployed, and asked for the first time to find out the situation, to make arrangements for the next step of treatment, and to meet the injured staff in the hospital. Time to contact with the family.

The CMC is mainly responsible for logistical guarantee and reception of family members of casualties. The list of casualties is now being checked.

Source: China Newsweek

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19 people died of deflagration in Sichuan Jiang'an Industrial Park

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