The woman pushes a wheelchair and her mother crosses the road. The old man looks back and her daughter is gone.

The woman pushes a wheelchair and her mother crosses the road. The old man looks back and her daughter is gone.

Original title: 7 seconds! The woman pushed her mother across the road. The old man turned around and her daughter disappeared.

At about 7:27 on July 10th, in the 328 National Road and the high education intersection in Jiangyan city of Taizhou, a woman pushed the mother of a wheelchair across the road, and did not think that the mother and daughter would be two apart when the wheelchair was pushed over the double yellow line of the road.

Road monitoring showed that when the incident occurred, the woman was pushing a wheelchair old man across the road.

All of a sudden, a white car passed by quickly, leaving only the old man sitting in a wheelchair.

Another angle of monitoring screen recorded the whole process of the accident. Before the accident, the woman in the wheelchair walked along the roadside in a wheelchair. During that time, a zebra crossing was passed, but it did not stop.

At 19:27, the woman began to cross the road in a wheelchair. When the double yellow line approached, a white car came under the picture.

The impact caused the woman to be thrown into the air and fell heavily and died instantly. It can be seen from the monitoring screen that the woman began to cross the road from her mother to the 7 seconds after being hit.

The road condition was not complicated, and the traffic was not much. The accident happened. The white car driver Xu said, because the light from the vehicle was shaky. "I had a (short) blind sight. It was a few seconds to see. When I saw someone, I hurried left a direction," But) the right front corner of the car still hit someone. "

At present, the accident is still being dealt with further. Traffic police remind the general public that night travel must pay more attention to traffic safety.

Pedestrians must cross the road through the zebra crossing, in the absence of zebra crossing road, it is necessary to repeatedly confirm that there is no passing vehicles to ensure safety. Drivers should drive at night to reduce speed, and do not abuse the high beam when they are relatively open. So as not to affect the driver's sight, causing traffic accidents.

Source: Jiangsu news (jstvjsxw)

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