Tesla will set up its headquarters in Beijing and the first R & D center outside the United States.

Tesla will set up its headquarters in Beijing and the first R & D center outside the United States.

Original title: Beijing mayor Chen Jining meets Mask: will fully support Tesla's development in Beijing

On July 12th, Chen Jining, mayor of Beijing, met with Mr. Elon Mask, chairman and CEO of Tesla company.

According to the Beijing daily, Chen Jining welcomed the guests' visit. He said that Beijing is now elaborately organizing and implementing the new first edition of the city's overall plan, focusing on the strategic positioning of the "four central" cities and promoting the development of reduced development, innovative development and open development. In the new round of expansion and opening up, Beijing will further reform and optimize the business environment to provide better services for international enterprises in Beijing. Tesla set up its headquarters in China and the first R & D center outside the United States, which fully reflects Tesla's attention to cooperation with Beijing. We hope that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy vehicle technology and urban green development in the future. "We will fully support Tesla's development in Beijing."

Mask said that Beijing will gradually expand the scale of R & D centers and further deepen cooperation with Beijing.

During the morning's meeting, the two sides further communicated on the construction of Tesla center and the cooperation of intelligent network, automotive and battery energy storage.

In the evening, at the Tesla exhibition hall in the China Trade Center in Beijing, Ren Yuxiang, vice president of Tesla and President of the Asia Pacific region, introduced the latest progress of Tesla's development strategy in Beijing. He revealed that Tesla will boost the construction of the Beijing science and technology innovation center, and the Beijing Science Center will gradually expand to more than 100 R & D personnel by 2020.

According to the Beijing daily, in 2013, when Tesla entered China, the headquarters of the Chinese district was located in Beijing. The follow-up company operation center, the settlement center and the sales company were set up in Beijing. Last year, Tesla registered the first scientific and technological innovation center outside the United States in Beijing. The center covers the operation, production and research and development of products in China and the Asia Pacific region, including the research, development and development of electric vehicles and spare parts, batteries, energy storage equipment, photovoltaic products technology and information technology. Transfer and license, technical service and consultation, etc.

The report said, Ren Yuxiang introduced, "Beijing is the base of talent aggregation, there are many world-class institutions, research institutions, we will make full use of this advantage, the future will be more cooperation with the government, research institutions and universities. From new energy vehicles to energy storage, cooperation in all aspects will be involved.

In July 10th, Tesla had just signed a memorandum of cooperation with the city of Shanghai, and the mayor of Shanghai Ying Yong and the chairman of Tesla, Elon Musk, also unveiled a new center for the development and innovation center of Tesla (Shanghai) and Tesla (Shanghai) electric vehicles.

On the same day, Tesla and Shanghai Port Management Committee and Lingang group jointly signed the investment agreement for pure electric vehicle project. Tesla will build the Gigafactory 3, which integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales and other functions in Hong Kong. The project is planned to produce 500 thousand pure electric vehicles, which is the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai. At the same time, the unveiling of Tesla (Shanghai) electric vehicle research and development center, mainly engaged in the research and development of electric vehicles innovation, will actively promote the transformation of innovative technical achievements of electric vehicles.

Mask said that Tesla will build the first super factory outside the United States and the most advanced electric car factory in Shanghai, hoping to make it a model for sustainable development.

In 2017, Tesla achieved 103 thousand sales worldwide, an increase of 35.17% over the same period last year, of which about 20 thousand vehicles were sold in the Chinese market.

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