Trump is going to cancel NATO's military exercise for Putin? His European allies were in a panic

Trump is going to cancel NATO's military exercise for Putin? His European allies were in a panic

Original title: Trump wants to cancel NATO's military exercises for Putin? His European allies were in a panic

Overseas network July 13 (Xinhua) at the annual NATO summit held in recent years, Trump frequently "surprising", and other issues of military costs, including Germany, including allies. More surprisingly, Trump said that if Russian President Putin made a request, he would not exclude the possibility of cancelling a NATO military exercise in the Baltic countries. In this regard, the US media believes that this will also exacerbate the concerns of the US traditional European allies on the future development and stability of the NATO alliance.

According to CNN (CNN) 12, when asked whether to cancel the NATO military exercise in the Baltic countries, Trump's answer was, "maybe we (I and Putin) will talk about it next." His response undoubtedly exacerbated the uncertainty of NATO alliance.

A joint exercise of 17 countries, including hundreds of U.S. troops and several American warships, is being carried out in the Black Sea, and an American official told the media that the Ministry of defense did not prematurely consider the president's suspension of military exercises in Eastern Europe. However, one of Trump's words "opened the door" for the discussion of "putt", and Trump, the commander in chief of the United States, could also decide whether to allow the United States to suspend its participation in military exercises.

CNN reporter Zachary Cohen pointed out in his article that Trump's remarks made European leaders worried. These traditional American allies worry that Trump may undermine the "collective defense" concept that is crucial to the alliance itself by making major, unilateral concessions to Putin. If the United States really "quit", Europe still can carry out military exercises, but it needs "change name", because the United States can veto them to continue to play the "NATO" flag to carry out the exercise.

Barry Pavel, senior vice president of the the Atlantic Council of the U. S. think tank, looks like Putin is likely to ask whether the United States can postpone or cancel NATO exercises in Eastern Europe at the "putt conference" in Finland next week. "NATO summit" is the first chapter, and the second chapter will be held in Helsinki next week. Obviously, many allies are very worried about what will happen next week.

Speaking of the summit, Pavel also expressed concern about Trump's actions or a blow to the NATO alliance. "The alliance should be based on trust and common values, but there seems to be no good sign from what I know about the leadership of the United States."

It is reported that on the eve of the NATO summit, Trump has repeatedly expressed his positive views on the "Pu te Hui". At a rally he criticized the critics of the "two men" meeting, saying there was no need for the outside world to worry about it. "They (those critics) are questioning whether their president is ready, because the Russian president is the KGB," Trump said, "do you know? Putin is very good. He's very good. We are all good people. As to say I'm ready? And of course I was completely ready. "

On the 10 day, he also told reporters at the White House that meeting with British Prime Minister Teresa Mei and meeting Putin during the NATO summit and visiting Britain may be the most "easy" meeting. Trump said at the time: "I have NATO, Britain and Britain. Then I want to see Putin. Frankly speaking, Putin may be the most relaxed among them. Who would have thought so? " (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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Trump and Putin will meet in Helsinki in July 16th.

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