The station shunting officer is unusual: 29 years, no violation of regulations, zero discipline and zero accidents.

The station shunting officer is unusual: 29 years, no violation of regulations, zero discipline and zero accidents.

Original title: LengShuiJiang East Railway Station commander Yang Weihua: 29 years zero violation, zero discipline, zero accident

Personage file

Yang Weihua

The chief technician of the China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., the chief engineer of the LengShuiJiang East Railway Station in Loudi, was born in October 1971 and participated in the work in 1988. The train head medal, the outstanding communist party members of the national railway, the national railway labor model and so on were successively obtained in the shunting post for 29 years, zero violation, zero violation and zero accident. The honor was awarded the title of the national outstanding communist party member in 2016.

In the past 29 years, we have adhered to the operation standard and achieved zero violation, zero discipline and zero accidents. This is the safety miracle created by Yang Weihua, director of LengShuiJiang East Railway Station of Guangzhou Railway Bureau of Loudi railway depot in 29 years.

A period of time is not easy to violate regulations, but it is very difficult to achieve 29 years' zero violation, zero discipline and zero accidents.

From the trigger, the associate to the length of the car transfer, Yang Weihua has been sticking to the line of railway shunting work, paying the hard work of the ordinary people, conscientiously, conscientiously, hard and hard to stick to the standard. In his view, according to chapter work is the bounden duty of railway workers, to achieve this, we can achieve zero violation, zero discipline and zero accidents.

Persist in learning and thinking, study hard and train hard as shunting experts.

One minute on the stage, ten years of work.

Yang Weihua believes that if there is no thorough study of business rules and complete mastery of practical skills, only relying on physical strength is not good for shunting work. As a result, since he joined the railway in 1988, he has developed a good habit of learning and is eager to learn the knowledge of shunting theory.

It is easy to learn hard to learn by doing the shunting. In order to improve the level of business as soon as possible, Yang Weihua insisted on "learning more, asking more, watching more and doing more" and giving more efforts than others. "Technical regulations", "adjustment", "fine"... He has a local study, one chapter and one chapter, one by one. Every rule related to the shunting work is marked, excerpt, and carried with a red pen. On the way to work and work space, whenever he had time, he would take it out and read it again and again. Sometimes, in order to remember more firmly, he also wants his wife to be an examiner.

In order to achieve a higher theoretical level, Yang Weihua worked hard to make up for it. There are 100 questions per month, and he is always at the top of the station. However, he never lowered his requirements. He always grabbed the wrong questions and asked for questions that he did not know clearly.

After a long period of accumulation, Yang Weihua's learning notes are more than 6 thousand words. Every rule is remembered. His colleagues have called him "the rule of life" and "the soil expert".

Not only to learn from books, but also to practice in secondary schools.

LengShuiJiang East Railway Station is mainly responsible for the arrival, cancellation and delivery of freight trains at this station. Special line, cargo line and complex operation are the most important characteristics of shunting operation at this station. In order to achieve a safe and accurate shunting, Yang Weihua often uses the rest of his work to reconnaissance, repeatedly practising the sleepers, watching the ballast, observing the reference of the track carefully, and marking the length of each line, the slope, the number of cars, and so on. After thousands of exercises, the speed and the silent drawing map of the station are well known.

With a solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, Yang Weihua has trained the "rules of a clear mouth, an eye to a glance, and a steady hang" of the shunting. In 1995, he passed the link examination with second members in the whole section, and in 1996, he became an air traffic controller with his skilful skills.

With the development of Railways in recent years, railway technology and equipment have been upgraded, and the types and rules and regulations of shunting locomotives have been modified many times. For this reason, Yang Weihua always studied and grasps new technologies and regulations for the first time, always standing at the forefront of technological change. At the same time, on the basis of in-depth study and practice, he also summed up the "Yang Weihua safety shunting law" and "shunting operation seven words". The content is easy to understand, simple and easy to remember, covering the key link of the shunting operation, widely popularized and used, colleagues call Yang Weihua "shunting expert".

An interview with an interview

The assignment is our duty

Every section of the rules and regulations is summed up and summarized from practice, some with the price of blood and the cost of life, which is the guarantee of safety production. Most of the safety accidents at home and abroad were caused by violation of discipline and discipline. History and reality have repeatedly warned us that homework is the bounden duty of every worker.

Imagine that if all of us, like Yang Weihua, keep in mind the job as a rule, keep a warning to obey the rules and discipline, and strictly implement each standard of operation, we can eliminate the hidden dangers from the source and ensure the long-term safety and safety of the safety production.

Source: the railway newspaper of the people

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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