"Trump balloon" can "conquer" London but frustrated in Scotland.

Original title: "baby Trump" can "conquer" London, but frustrated in Scotland.

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It can fly over the golden section of London, but can not "conquer" the golf course in Scotland!

After all, this is Trump's Stadium...

According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) local time on July 12th, when Trump visited his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, 14, the protesters prepared for the "baby Trump" could not be released locally. Scotland police rejected the request of activists.

Although the police said that during the Trump visit, the height of 8 meters of balloons baby can not enter the area. But they said they would be happy to discuss other options for ballooning babies, such as it could fly when Trump visited other places in Scotland.

Mark Williams (Mark Williams), deputy director of the police station, said: "it is clear that there will be a close protection for the president, which includes restrictions on the airspace of the tern Berri."

"We need to ensure a balance between the protection of public safety and the right to peaceful protest."

"In this case, in this case, we are unable to approve the balloon flying in this area, but we are discussing a possible alternative to the applicant."

In July 5th, the big London government led by Sadiq Khan of London approved the release of Trump baby.

Protesters can only fly from 9:30 am to 11:30 in the morning of July 13th at Plaza del Congreso in central London, and the distance should not exceed 30 meters.

According to BBC reports, the activists planned to release Trump baby in London on the 13 day, following Trump's footsteps and shipped it to Scotland overnight.

Since the "baby Trump" protesting the petition raised far more than the target of 1000 pounds, in July 5th, it was signed by 10 thousand people and raised 16 thousand pounds.

Campaigners say the extra money will be spent on "baby Trump"'s "World Tour". "No matter where Trump goes, this balloon will follow, like a ghosts." It's a pity to get out of the first stop in London...

Trump baby has been very popular recently, and Trump may have heard of it.

In an exclusive interview with the sun on the evening of 12, Trump said the mayor of London did a bad job: "it makes me feel unpopular, and there is no reason for me to go to London." I used to like this city in London. I haven't been there for a long time. Your mayor's job is terrible, but if they make you feel unpopular, why do you want to stay there? "

"I speak of the government, because the British agree with me."

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