7 years ago, the outbreak of the civil war in Syria was recovered by the Syrian government forces today.

7 years ago, the outbreak of the civil war in Syria was recovered by the Syrian government forces today.

Syria's official news agency, Syria's official news agency, Syria Arabia News Agency (SANA) reported in July 13th that the Syria government army had recovered the city of Della and raised the Syria flag in the square near the mosque in the city of della. The plaza was seen as the birthplace of the civil war in Syria. In 2011, the first large-scale anti government demonstrations broke out in the square.

In dela City, Syria government troops raised the flag source: Syria Arabia news agency.

It is reported that on Wednesday, the Russian settlement center in Syria reached a surrender agreement with the rebels in the southern part of the city of dela. According to the agreement, the anti government armed forces will turn over heavy and heavy weapons, and will not surrender to the rebels will be transferred to idisib. The rebels willing to surrender will join the Arabia army or police force in Syria to obtain legal status.

After the Russian settlement center in Syria reached an agreement with the opposition, the Russian internal affairs department of the Ministry of internal affairs, the special forces of the Ministry of internal affairs, joined the opposition, although it was the Ministry of the interior, but the armband of the gendarmerie made him a certain "authority"

Al Jazeera is celebrating the liberation of della.

After the battle of della, major general Hassan, commander of tiger unit, tried to collect the booty.

It is reported that the Syria Army Corps of engineers will check Jiefang District and remove dangerous objects such as landmines and unexploded bombs. Then engineers and equipment will be opened to Jiefang District to begin the follow-up of infrastructure reconstruction.

Tanks in the city of dela: Source: ANNA News Agency

The city of Dera was the beginning of the civil war in Syria. In 2011, the Arabia spring swept across the Arabia world, the first large-scale demonstrations against the Syria government broke out in the mosque square in the city of dela. The reasons for the demonstration were diverse. At that time, the popular belief was that the students in Syria were being held up by the government, but also by the external forces. The demonstration then became a national protest in Syria, which led to a 7 year civil war.

In July 29, 2011, after the government army of Syria lost control of the della region, the Syria free Army (FSA) was founded in the United States, the aid of Saudi Arabia and Jordan continued to enter della, and "della is Syria", which also quickly became a slogan against Assad, which triggered Syria. The armed elements set off a rebellion.

The first large-scale anti Assad protests broke out in Syria on 2011 in the Plaza of the mare mosque.

In Damascus, demonstrations support the people of dela Province: CNN

CNN reported in early 2012: della, igniting the spark of Syria.

A picture of 2011, the Syria Liberation Army raised the flag of the free army in Dera.

After 7 years of attack and defense, the Syrian army launched the della campaign in June this year. The target of the campaign was to liberate della, to pass the M5 road to the Jordan, to control the Syria Jordan border and to the Syria Israeli border, to eliminate the first and last of Syria. The southern front, an appealing opposition organization, lays the political foundation for the next step in controlling the whole country. After a month of offensive, Syria had basically controlled the Syria Jordan border, destroyed most of the rebels in the della Province, many of the remaining opposition chose to surrender, and a large number of villages and towns also reconciled with the government army. The government of Syria said that at present, the rebels in Dera have all surrendered, but the reception of the city still takes about a week.

For this reason, the Syria government troops have raised the flag of Syria on the square near the ARMA mosque in dela, which has a strong symbolic significance.

The key points in the province are the Naxi port and the Naxi city in the southern part of the province, and the M5 road and dela city have been controlled by the government forces.

The recovery of the city of della indicates that the Syria government has controlled 9 provincial capital cities, including Damascus, Aleppo, Holmes, Hamma, Da Zi el, Della, Lattakia, Tartous and Suzhou Vinda. At the same time, the Syria government forces basically completed their strategic objective of eliminating the southern rebels' political entities.

Stubborn resistance to the anti government forces source on the roof: Social Media

However, the battle of della will continue for some time, and the fighting in northern dela and kusaaa province to combat the extreme organization of the "Islamic state" and the extreme organization of the "conquest of the sham front" terrorist organizations is still continuing.

Syria, like the picture above, red for the government to control the territory black for the extreme organization of the territory, green control of the anti government armed territory yellow for the "Syria Democratic Front" control site

The overall situation in Syria is still complicated. The situation in the area of the apex and the area in the northwest of Syria is still very chaotic. With the intervention of Turkey at the beginning of the year, it is still to be observed whether the Syria territory can recover the government troops smoothly. At the same time, the negotiations between the government of Syria and the Kurdish forces "the Syria Democratic Front" near the Euphrates River have been delayed without substantial progress, which makes the government of the Syria still unable to control the northeast of Syria in a short time.

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