When the flood peak arrived, the police used the bloody arm to support the warning line for 10 hours before injections.

When the flood peak arrived, the police used the bloody arm to support the warning line for 10 hours before injections.

Original title: iron man! On the flood road he raised the guard line with his bloody right arm

The cover news news (reporter Xi Xingqi) was injured in his right arm. It was too late to wipe off the blood and rush to the job site, pull up the warning line, stop the accident and bring convenience to the residents who need to pass.

In July 12th, when everyone was in a tight flood and flood control, a police officer in a police suit and a photograph with a bloody right hand raised the warning line to break the tension and warm the heart.

In July 13th, the cover news reporter contacted the police in the photo, that is, the auxiliary alarm bell of the city team in Neijiang Zizhi County traffic police. At this time, he was still on duty. He said that when the flood peak came, Zi Zhong bridge was very dangerous. Compared with his small injury, the former was more important.

In the 12 day, the Neijiang capital ushered in the largest flood peak in thirty-seven years. Traffic control, personnel transfer, evacuation of the masses, volunteers, militias, police and so on are making efforts to fight the flood peak.

"I will assemble at half past seven today. I'll leave first." Because there was a baby in the family, when Zhong Zheng Lin had a rest in the evening, the mobile phone had a quiet voice, did not receive the news of the morning in the morning, and woke up in the morning to find a traffic control to the Tuojiang River Bridge in Zizhi county. Then he rode a motorcycle from chestnut town to Zizhong city.

When he was riding to the dam in Zizhi County, an electric horse in front of him moved in front of him, looking at the time of a minute and a second. When he was ready to overtake, the electric horse suddenly turned to the left, even though Zhong Zhenglin had brakes on the brakes and fell to the ground in a slippery road.

Standing up, he did not say more, but riding a motorcycle to the Tuojiang River Bridge in Zizhi county. At half past seven, he arrived at the Confucious'Temple market, one end of the Tuojiang River Bridge, and was on duty.

"In addition to the bridge to the bridge, it also leads to another path. There are many people living on that end of the path. There are also farm music, cars and pedestrians." He was busy combing the traffic, and he had no extra time to deal with his wounds, until the day at noon the flow of people was slightly reduced to a nearby hospital.

It is understood that at five p.m. that day, Zhong Zheng Lin went to the hospital to clean up the wound and injections.

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