For the first time in the past 70 years, the US Army has purchased new submachine guns for the protection of senior generals.

For the first time in the past 70 years, the US Army has purchased new submachine guns for the protection of senior generals.

According to the 12 daily report of the popular machinery monthly website in June, the US Army has awarded 10 companies to submit contracts designed for the evaluation of submachine guns. The US Army has not purchased new type of assault rifles over the past 70 years, and it is reported that it is considering a new type of assault rifle for the troops who are responsible for the protection of the army's senior generals.

According to the SCW, the US Army has invested about $200 thousand and commissioned 10 companies to submit weapons for assessment. In May 2018, the army announced an information request for a SCW weapon that would be used to launch a 9X19 millimeter bullet that could be fully automatic and with a pictin guide that could be equipped with a lighting device and an optical sight. The information request also mentioned the need to install mufflers.

The picture shows Colt's involvement in the US Army's assault rifle.

The 10 companies that obtained the contract came from the United States and Europe. The famous American Gun manufacturer colt is listed on the list. Its weapon is called "colt modular 9 millimeter ultra small weapon". This is probably the colt's 9 millimeter submachine gun. Other companies include the central Missouri machine gun company (CMMG super personal defense weapon), the Lewis machine tool company (MARS L-9 compact noise elimination weapon), Quarter Circle 10 (5.5CLT and 5.5QV5 super small arms), PTR industrial group (TR9CS super small weapon), and the Cheney gun company (Z-5RS, Z-5P and Z-5K) Super small weapons).

European companies are also on the list, including Germany's sig shor (MPX super small arms), Italy BERETTA (PMX super small arms), Czech CZ ("scorpion" EVO3A1 assault rifle) and Swiss B& T (MP9 machine gun).

Reports say that some of these weapons, such as the designs submitted by Colt, central Missouri, Lewis machine and Quarter Circle 10, are likely to be developed by the AR15 short gun portable light rifle with the AR15/M16/M4 combat system. They are functionally similar to the M4 carbine, which may enable them to get help in competition. In addition, several guns are modeled on the famous MP-5 submachine gun of Germany's black Koch company. The rest of the guns have unique designs, such as Siegel Shaw's MPX, CZ's scorpion and B& T's MP9 submachine gun. (compiling / Cao Weiguo)

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