The number of Russian UAVs has increased 11 times in 7 years, and has been used to protect strategic nuclear missiles.

The number of Russian UAVs has increased 11 times in 7 years, and has been used to protect strategic nuclear missiles.

According to Russia's "news" website July 12 Daily said, recently, Russian strategic rocket soldiers began to install the first batch of UAVs. They will become the eyesight of "white poplar" and "yars" strategic missile system, and help search enemy reconnaissance and destroy the troops. The UAVs such as "Sea Hawk", "aileron" and "pomegranate" have been transformed to carry out this task. Experts say that UAVs are irreplaceable in reconnaissance of terrain and in protecting military fleets.

Reported that, "information" learned from the Ministry of defense, the strategic rocket soldiers began to install "Haiying" -10, "aileron" -ZSV and "pomegranate" and other UAVs. These UAVs are now used for reconnaissance, calibration of artillery and rescue operations. They have been reformed for the strategic rocket, while retaining the radio reconnaissance equipment while retaining the advanced optical reconnaissance systems that detect the power and military equipment.

An unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with Russian armament

The UAV of strategic rocket will be responsible for reconnaissance in the route and deployment area of "white poplar" and "yars" mobile missile system. The equipment they install can detect enemy radio calls, remote control reconnaissance probes and remote controlled mines.

Russian media said that in the strategic rocket division system, there are independent guard reconnaissance battalions responsible for the protection of "white poplar" and "ALS". There is a guard company responsible for escorting the convoy and reconnaissance and combating the destruction of the troops. These troops will be added to the UAVs.

UAV expert Dennis Fedudinov believes that the new equipment will enhance the efficiency of the guard force's reconnaissance. He said: "a small UAV with strong mobility is suitable for carrying out this task. The practice of using UAVs to escort escorts has been used in the world. They have appeared in Afghanistan and Iraq more than once.

The expert said that Russia has drills in military exercises to protect military convoys with UAVs.

Reported that UAVs and their use of tactics are being actively improved. In 2011, the Russian army had 180 UAVs, and now it has reached about 2000. The first batch of Russian heavy UAVs and UAV "hunters" and "Altair" are being tested and ready for mass production. Orion radar or radio reconnaissance UAV is being developed. In the future, the number of UAVs in the army will continue to increase.

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