Us and overseas customers anti missile pressure patriot 3 missile output will surge

Us and overseas customers anti missile pressure patriot 3 missile output will surge

A manager at Lockheed Martin said the company plans to double its most advanced "Patriot" missile production in the next few years to respond to an increase in orders from the US Army and its allies, according to the US "defense news" weekly website on 11 July.

Reported that the U.S. Army has significantly increased the "Patriot" 3 "PAC-3 MSE" orders. The purpose is not only to make the missile at full speed, but also to increase the army's missile reserve, because the overseas operations of the US Army are consuming inventory continuously.

Meanwhile, countries such as Poland, Romania and Sweden have become new customers of the Patriot air defense and missile defense system this year. This will include the purchase of a large number of MSE missiles as part of the initial order.

The figure is the American Patriot type 3 missile

For example, only for Poland, Romania, and Sweden, three European countries that recently signed up for "patriots", Lockheed Martin is going to make 576 PAC-3 MSE missiles.

According to the report, the surge in procurement of PAC-3 MSE missiles is due to the increasing threat in the Middle East and Europe. The United States and its allies are still in the Gulf conflict, while European countries are trying to expand air defense to deter Russia.

A comparison of the U.S. Army's 2018 fiscal and fiscal year 2019 budget defence documents shows that the U.S. Army substantially expanded its procurement plan from fiscal year 2018 to fiscal year 2022, more than doubling in some cases.

From the 2018 fiscal year to the 2022 fiscal year, the US Army originally planned to purchase about 95 missiles each year. But a year later, the army increased its orders from 93 to 240 in 2018, including missiles purchased from the Overseas Emergency Action Fund. In fiscal year 2019, the army again asked for 240 missiles. In 2021 and 2022, the basic orders for related missiles totaled 160 per year.

Bob Delgado, director of the International Business Development Department of the integrated air defense and missile defense system in Lockheed Martin, recently told the defense news weekly in Paris that the company won't sell its earliest PAC-3 missiles again, but it is also producing them for a customer, the report said.

This means that Lockheed Martin can make room for the production of PAC-3 MSE missiles. In April this year, the missile was authorized by the US Army to achieve full speed production.

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