Experts: introduce personal information protection law as soon as possible

Experts: introduce personal information protection law as soon as possible

Original title: experts called for the introduction of personal information protection law as soon as possible.

Tang Qi, an surging journalist

On -12 July 10th, the 2018 (seventeenth) China Internet conference hosted by the China Internet association was held in Beijing by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national Internet information office.

It was noted that during the forum, many experts and scholars talked about the related issues of personal information protection, paid attention to the hot spots in the industry, focused on the development difficulties, and responded to the pain points of the users.

With the rapid development of digital technology such as big data and cloud computing, personal information is being electronically digitized and applied to the industry. The breadth and depth of personal information collection is constantly expanding, and information flow is increasingly breaking through the region and industry, which poses a more severe challenge to the protection and security of personal information.

It should be noted that as the Department in charge of industry, the Ministry of industry and information has always attached great importance to personal information protection.

Sui Jing, deputy director of the information and communication administration of the Ministry of industry and information, said during the forum that in 2013, the Ministry of industry and information issued the "Regulations on the protection of personal information of telecommunications and Internet users", which was the Ministry of industry and information twenty-fourth, which made clear the collection and use of the personal information of telecom operators and Internet information service providers in the 24 order. And puts forward the security requirements to prevent personal information leakage, damage, falsification or loss.

The Ministry of industry and information has also issued a number of communication standards, such as the definition and classification of the personal information protection of telecommunication and Internet services, and the strict requirements for the operators to collect and use the user's personal information.

"At present, we are working to promote the policy of personal information protection and network data management, and make more explicit requirements for network data collection and use." Sui Jing said.

It is noted that although there are many relevant regulations issued, the "personal information protection law", which has attracted much attention in the basic law, has not yet been promulgated. It has become a hot topic in this forum.

Shen Weixing, Dean of the Law School of Tsinghua University, pointed out that the "Xu Yuyu case" referred to the protection of personal information to a very important degree. From the civil law point of view, the 111st article of the general principles of civil law in 2017 only said that personal information should be protected by law, but how to protect it is not clearly defined, which is the absence of the law.

Lu Jianping, Dean of the Law School of Beijing Normal University, believes that the legislation of the protection of personal information in our country is the inverse of the conventional route, that is, the last law, the criminal law, and when the other borders are not cleared and the rules have not been set up, we first draw a high pressure line, and first draw a red untouched red. Line. "

According to Lu Jianping, the "crime of criminal law amendment (seven)" in 2009 added the crime of selling, illegally providing personal information of citizens and the crime of obtaining personal information of citizens illegally. It reflects a very urgent reality. With the advent of the age of technology and the information age, the importance and value of information are becoming more and more prominent. But the abuse of information and the destruction and violation of citizens' personal information have reached an intolerable stage.

"Therefore, the criminal law has to hand it out, which is a compelling situation." Lu Jianping confessed that criminal law first had a advantage, and forced the "personal information protection law" to be issued, but the criminal law was ten years now, and the law of personal information protection, like Monalisa, has not yet been introduced, which is not a reasonable phenomenon.

Therefore, Cao Zhiguo, associate professor of the school of Humanities and social sciences of North China Electric Power University, called in the forum during the forum that the state should introduce legislation on personal information protection as soon as possible, and make clear regulations on the various rights of the information subject, including the supervision of personal information protection.

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