Israel launches the first 8 * 8 wheeled chariot to block 10 kilograms of TNT explosion

Israel launches the first 8 * 8 wheeled chariot to block 10 kilograms of TNT explosion

The Israeli Defense Army army, as the leading strength of the strong mainland in the Middle East, has not developed and equipped the 8 x 8 wheeled chariot which has become the mainstream of the world's development for a long time. This is really a strange thing. In the traditional sense of the IDF army, it was once thought that the protection capability of the 8 * 8 wheeled chariot was far less than that of the tracked chariot. As a result, the IDF army would rather retain a large number of American M113 and caterpillar armored vehicles with a variety of Soviet and British tank chassis, and do not want to develop and equip 8 x 8 wheeled chariots.

However, this situation has changed with the updating of the IDF army tracked armored personnel carrier. In the planning of the Israeli Defense Army army, the American M113 and the various type of caterpillar armored transport vehicles made of the old tank chassis are to be eliminated. Instead, the "mapa" 4 main tank chassis as the basis of the "armour" heavy type caterpillar infantry chariot. In this way, the four types of tracked armoured personnel transport vehicles in the active service of the IDF army can be replaced by a more advanced and safe model, which can not only simplify the logistic support, but also improve the operational strength of the armored troops.

Unfortunately, the IDF army's dream is very plentiful, but the reality is very skinny. The overall performance of the "nano" heavy crawler infantry combat vehicle is really good, but its only shortcoming is complex production and high cost. As a result, the chariot entered the Israeli Defense Force Service in 2008 and has only 120 units in the past ten years. While the old and old tracked armoured personnel of the IDF army were equipped with a large number of vehicles and thousands of vehicles, it was clear that it would not be possible to replace all the armoured caterpillar infantry with one to one. To this end, the IDF army had to find another way to come to the conclusion that there were 8 x 8 wheeled chariots in the world.

Although Israeli military enterprises do not have the experience of developing 8 * 8 wheeled chariots, they can not afford to learn Hebrews. The 8 x 8 wheeled chariot, which was launched by the Israeli military's chariot and armored vehicle administration, the IAI, the Israeli military industry company (IMI) and Rafael (Rafael), was first unveiled in 2016. It is now close to design and is planned to enter in 2020. The army of the defense army is serving in the army. As the "Narmer" heavy caterpillar infantry combat vehicle "partner", "Ertan" 8 x 8 wheeled chariot will gradually replace the American M113 and other old tracked armored personnel transport vehicles.

The "Etan" 8 x 8 wheeled combat vehicle has reached 35 tons in full weight, almost three times more than M113. It can be seen in the protection performance of a great effort: the omnidirectional anti Soviet 14.5 millimeter armor piercing attack, the car body using V protection design, the explosion proof capacity reached 10 kg TNT, and also equipped with a "war profit" hard. Kill active protection system. In the weapon system, the personnel transport of the "Eitan" 8 x 8 wheeled chariot is mainly equipped with a 7.62 millimeter /12.7 millimeter machine gun remote control weapon station, and the step type will be upgraded to a remote control weapon station integrated with a 30 millimeter automatic gun, a "long nail" antitank missile, and a 12.7 millimeter machine gun. (authorship: modern weapons)

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