Our 04A infantry chariot launches artillery missiles and remotely eliminates weapons.

Our 04A infantry chariot launches artillery missiles and remotely eliminates weapons.

Recently, the Chinese army network has published a news picture of the army's active 04A infantry chariot launched a gun launched missile, allowing many military enthusiasts to see the first shot of a domestic chariot to launch a missile shooting scene.

The gun launched missile is the product after the development of the anti tank missile and the fusion of the large caliber artillery with the vehicle. During the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union had developed gun launched missiles. Moreover, the first idea to put forward the concept of gun launched missiles and put them into practice is the Americans.

At that time, the United States flying Song - Ford Motor Co saw the great potential of the development of anti tank missiles, but it was difficult to deploy launchers on tanks. As a result, they thought of using the tank's main barrel to do the anti tank missile launchers and began to develop "oak stick" missiles in 1959. However, under the limits of the technology at that time, the "oak stick" missile developed by the American flying Song - Ford Motor Co has reached a diameter of 152 millimeters, far more than the caliber of the main tank main gun. Therefore, the "oak stick" gun launched missile can only be launched by a 152 mm dual purpose artillery gun specially designed for it.

After the successful development of the "oak stick" gun fire missile and its low pressure 152 millimeter dual use artillery, it was equipped on the M551 light tank and the M60A2 main battle tank, and also planned to be equipped on the MBT70 tank. However, the results show that the combat effectiveness of this weapon system is very poor and can not be regarded as a successful anti tank weapon.

Later, the Soviet Union learned from the lessons of the American "oak stick" gun fire missile and its low pressure 152 millimeter cannon, no longer to adapt the artillery to the missile, but to develop a suitable gun missile based on the actual situation of the artillery. As a result, the development of the Soviet gun missile was successful and covered almost every type and caliber of the main tank guns, including the T-54/55 series of 100 millimeter artillery, the T-62 series of 115 millimeter cannon and the 125 millimeter cannon of the T-64, T-72, and T-80 series.

Among them, the T-54/55 series of 100 millimeter gun firing missiles also developed derivatives, including the 9K116 equipped on a 100 millimeter traction antitank gun, the 9M117 equipped on the BMP-3 infantry 100 millimeter artillery gun, and the 9K116-1 on the T-62 main war tank 115 millimeter slipper gun.

At present, all the types of gun firing missiles in the Russian army are used by laser beam driving guidance mode. Although the range is far away, the speed of the flight is fast and the power of the armor is strong, the main battle tanks and armored combat vehicles must launch the laser beam in the static state to strike the target within the visual range, which is easily disturbed and counterattacked by the enemy. . Therefore, the future direction of the missile should be highly intelligent, over the horizon and "no matter after launch", in order to improve the battlefield viability of the combat vehicle itself. (authorship: modern weapons)

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