The first day of NATO summit issued a declaration: Member States decided to abandon Russian weapons.

The first day of NATO summit issued a declaration: Member States decided to abandon Russian weapons.

In July 12th, according to the Russian news agency, the NATO summit opened in Brussels in July 11th. The NATO country passed a declaration on the first day of the summit. The declaration said that the NATO countries would carry out a major reform to get rid of the "Soviet heritage", and some countries are equipped with Soviet and Russian military equipment. The declaration said, "to meet the challenges of the changing situation, NATO countries need to be in a state of high war readiness, with compatible forces and equipment."

NATO summit

In order to achieve this goal, NATO plans to "improve the operational coordination of the armed forces and rationally solve the dependence of some countries on the Russian military equipment inherited by the armed forces". In addition, the declaration also said, "NATO will continue to innovate and maintain its technological superiority".

Earlier, Konstantin Kosachev, President of the International Committee of the Russian Federation Committee, said NATO has demonized Russia in order to increase national spending on defense budgets.

Soviet air force -17 fighter bomber equipped by Poland air force

In response to NATO's decision, Russian netizens also expressed their views. Now he finally knows why Trump rebukes too little defense budgets from NATO allies to sell American weapons to some countries, and Trump has just sold American guns in Europe, so he criticizes Germany for insufficient spending on NATO's defense spending;

I believe that many of these weapons will eventually fall into the hands of terrorists in the Middle East. NATO will not abandon its own big bad guys.

If these Eastern European countries do not buy Russian weapons, buy those expensive American weapons.

Andreyrash: support NATO on this issue and return our equipment!

Komediant: reply to andreyrash, the cost of these wastes is too high. We will not use this ancient equipment.

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