Japanese recruits encountered big trouble and sent out the actress to do propaganda. They still lacked 24 thousand members.

Japanese recruits encountered big trouble and sent out the actress to do propaganda. They still lacked 24 thousand members.

Because of the negative population growth, Japan has become more and more difficult to recruit large numbers of soldiers.

This year's latest data make Japanese experts exclaim that there will not be enough soldiers to be recruited.

Japan's Ministry of population announced the population projection shows that as of last October 1st, Japan's total population of 126 million 706 thousand people, for seven consecutive years of negative growth. Among the total population, the proportion of people over the age of 65 is high, and the proportion of people under the age of 15 is low.

Japanese media reported that the total population of Japan reached its peak in 2008 and decreased year after year after 2011. In terms of age, the number of people over the age of 65 is 61 thousand more than that of the previous year, accounting for 35 million 152 thousand, accounting for 27.7% of the total population. The population under 15 years of age has decreased by 188 thousand people over the previous year, 15 million 592 thousand, accounting for 12.3% of the total population, and a low proportion of innovation, which shows that the age of young children is increasing.

Japan's National Institute for social security and population issues estimated that the population of Japan, in 48 years, was in 2065, to about 88 million people, and the proportion of the older population accounted for nearly 4.

A direct result is that the Japanese Self Defense Forces recruited the soldiers and entered the "cold winter" period. First of all, the decline of young people has become the biggest long-term negative factor for recruiting soldiers.

Secondly, as Japanese politicians want to expand their military capabilities overseas, they are more difficult to recruit.

The adoption of the new security bill in Japan will require the Japanese Self-Defence Force to begin to carry out the overseas mission, which will increase the risk immediately and make the self-defense team need more troops, but the bill makes the young people willing to participate in the self-defence team less. In order to solve this problem, the Japanese government will have to make a variety of "big moves", if it still does not work, then Japan may have to give up a long - term voluntary service system, instead of the compulsory collection of military conscription.

Fururi Akihiko, vice president of Saga County, said that "the number of applicants has been greatly reduced, mainly due to the impact of the new security act. Especially parents do not want their children to participate in the self defense force from the bottom of their hearts. They believe that the self defense force should be the border police and disaster relief team, rather than the troops deployed abroad to use force. "

In 2015, the recruitment situation in Japan was very bad. The employment type self-defense Officer (that is, the professional serviceman who played the key role) was only 25092, less than 2 down from last year. The number of "ordinary cadres alternate students" recruited by university graduates is 7334, 13.8% less than last year. In addition, in March this year, 25 of Defense University Graduates refused to join the self defense force.

In fact, in Japan, the self-defense forces are not very well paid. After graduating from college, the basic salary will reach 215 thousand yen (about 11 thousand and 200 yuan). Moreover, the working hours are from 8:15 to 17:00, weekend break, holidays and all kinds of insurance pensions. Of course, it's more free to eat and wear. This is much higher than the treatment of ordinary university graduates. It should be the golden rice bowl that everyone scrambled for.

It is surprising that there may not be a brave man under the reward. The 2015 defense white paper issued by Japan has confirmed that the total demand for the self-defense force is 240 thousand, and the actual number of posts is only 220 thousand, and the staff is short of 24180.

Japanese politicians have also been aware of the difficulties of recruiting soldiers, and have begun some of the "magic" recruitment methods of recruiting - including recruiting bright stars to recruit soldiers, and some of the stars who have exposed portraits as selling points to become the spokesmen for recruiting activities or on the scene.

Another way is to give toilet paper containing the recruitment information of the self defense force.

In addition, local governments in Japan are allowed to provide personal information about the names, addresses, sex and date of birth of young people between 18 and 27 years old. Experts point out that such behavior is to prepare for large-scale recruitment.

In response to this collection of personal information, the 6 Village, Okinawa County, which hates the central government of Japan and suffering from the harassment of American forces for a long time, has directly rejected the request for the submission of young people's information. "Taking into account the feelings of the people who have been through the war, we can not help the country to do this work," said Chang Chun, Nagano Nakano. Members of the house of Representatives, according to house wide, also said: "providing lists without personal consent is against the spirit of personal information protection regulations."

The self-defense team also sent soldiers back to their alma mater to do propaganda, to say the life of the self-defense team, the situation is more difficult than heaven, appealed to students to actively participate in the self-defense team.

In addition, the Japanese Ministry of defense is still operating "hidden conscription", so that the new recruited staff in the self defense force for 2 years "interns". In this policy, Senator Mi Koutarou of the Senate explained the following: this can both cultivate absolute obedient members of the enterprise and ensure that the self-defence team is a member of the team, which is not a recruit. However, the discerning eye can see that there is no essential difference between the two year compulsory military service system in Korea and other countries.

However, the real threat to Japan's recruitment is the dilemma of population reduction. The average life expectancy of men in Japan is 80.75 years old, and by 2065 it will be 84.95 years old. The year before last is 86.98, and by 2065 it will be 91.35. The rate of aging (over 65 years old) is 26.6% in the year before, and will rise to 38.4% in 2065. The National Institute for social security and population problems, estimated by the National Institute of social security and population problems 5 years ago, had a population of 81 million 350 thousand in 2065, but the rate of population reduction slowed down at the rate of 30 to more than 40 years of age, and about 6 million 700 thousand increased.

The Japanese government is also trying to raise fertility. Japanese government spokesman and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said at a regular press conference this afternoon that 50 years after the "total birth rate" (the number of children on average per woman's life), up from 1.35 to 1.44, compared to the last estimate. As the most important topic of the Andouble administration, support for child care, support and child care has been achieved to a certain extent.

Jian Yiwei said that the policy of "Japan's 100 million total active" plan should be strongly promoted in the future. If the actual achievements can be improved, the push valuation of the total birth rate and the total population may rise.

Also, experts point out that what Japan really needs is to abandon the illusion of oversea military tasks, to take care of his own affairs, and to promote the development of high-tech weapons technology, so as to reduce the dependence on the number of soldiers. (authorship: Air Force world)

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