This group of 90 after giving up family business on the South Mountain practice: men and women living together (map)

This group of 90 after giving up family business on the South Mountain practice: men and women living together (map)

Original title: the 90s who practice in Zhongnan Mountain: work for a month, live in seclusion for half a year, live together with men and women

This is the old age, but the idea of returning to the mountain forest, not yet able to see through the vicissitudes of the world, and consciously comprehend the life of the flow of war, their predecessors are the vitality of the workplace society, but they want to the contrary is the Buddha department.

As the main force of the workplace, some of the 90's regrets the dull life, and fantasies to find a place where the birds and flowers are green and the sky is blue and green. As a result, the practice of hiding in Zhongnan mountain has become the aspiration of many young people.

If you give up your career and family, you can lead a carefree life? Recently, a reporter from Beijing time came to Zhongnan mountain to look for the 90s who lived in seclusion and tried to decode their different lives.

The reading of the Lynn

"Who said I came to Zhongnan mountain to practice? This place is cool. I am hiding in the mountains to study in summer." In the evening of June 27th, Lin Zi, a girl living in a simple house with two men living on the hillside of Zhongnan mountain valley, gave an answer. Xu was disturbed by the reporter's unsolicited presence, and Linzi's attitude was very unfriendly.

Compared with the heat at the bottom of the mountain, the end of the southern mountain near the night was cold, and there was a patter of drizzle. The reporter in short sleeved shorts was shivering. In contrast, Lin was more leisurely, wearing a thick sweater, and his arms and legs were well protected, apparently familiar with the middle of the mountain. She had lived here for a long time, but she refused to admit that she was in seclusion, although it was so weird that two men, a woman, and three people of all ages lived together in the mountains.

Rao is a reporter to change the question, Lin is always reluctant to disclose how long his resignation to the end of Nanshan "reading" how long, and why to resign, more unwilling to disclose the real name, and Lin to sit with the reporter's fall man, but also to avoid the problem with a hidden language, "we are to look at the book."

For more than an hour, there was nothing to ask. It was late to see the sky. The reporter had to get up and leave the man. The old man sitting on the cane chair always kept the reporter's position to close his eyes when he came.

The little A of meditation

Farewell to Linzi, in the twilight, reporters found a Buddhist temple lodging. Here, the reporter met a 92 year old girl A who followed monks and nuns and Buddhist monks.

My arm was covered with red and green tattoos, hair tied together in a braid, a Zhang Zhinen's face under the wheat skin. It was difficult to associate a small A with a practitioner if it was not in the Zen house in the southern mountain. In fact, the little A began to practice for more than three months.

As a photographer's daughter, born in a cosmopolitan city like Guangzhou, and the parents were separated at a young age, the joy of family life was not felt for the small A. After graduating from University, little A went to a travel magazine to make a picture editor. Because of his job, he fell in love with tourism.

Two years ago, after breaking up with his boyfriend, the little A began to quit his job and began to travel. Three months ago, because of the exhaustion, small A stayed in Cangshan's ER seashore, set up a stall in the city of Dali, and moved to the visitors to sell special products to earn the living expenses.

In Dali, the small A met the Buddhist monk with a lot of Buddhist monks to teach the way of meditation. After several meditation lessons, little A felt a lot of restless heart, and then he began to join the Buddhist monk meditation. Taking into account the situation of small A, de hang monk decided to let small A join in the form of volunteers.

In this way, all the way, a way of meditation, more than three months of time, small A followed the master of a dozen famous mountain ancient temples, and then a week ago to the end of Nanshan.

For the future, little A has no clear planning, although she has also thought of falling into a Nepal and a family practice, but she is not sure whether she can get this determination, and this is also to pass through the test of the master, "follow the feeling," the small A that has just entered the door of the practice and said after a long time.

A doctor of Medicine

From ancient times, the seventy-two mountains of Zhongnan mountain, and the peak of the incense burning in the valley, belong to the reservoir named "Miao Valley". However, in the mouth of the local people, the reservoir valley has the name of "bitter Valley". Compared with the great valley with gentle roads and plenty of rain, and the great valley, the valley is not a good residence for the ordinary people, but in the end of the southern mountain, the recluse recluse. The land of the collection.

The South Tianmen, about 70 degrees on the slope, climbed through many valleys of the Taoist temple, climbing along the straight hundred grade ladder, on the side of the cliffs on one side of the top of the two peak of the valley, and the reporter knocked the door of the 90 year old boy of the boy, who lived alone in the room of the Rui Yun nunnery.

According to Xiao Hu, he came from the rural areas of Northern Shaanxi Province. After graduating from high school, he learned medicine and opened a physiotherapy Museum. But in the process of opening the shop, he faced various problems of customers. He became more and more aware of lack of knowledge, the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine was not rich enough, and the practice of physical therapy was relatively common. The heart of learning.

"I met the valuable man," Xiao Hu said, a chance coincidence. He knew the present master, a famous Chinese medicine holy hand in the local area. He studied traditional Chinese Medicine Classics, textual research on ancient law physiotherapy under the instructions of his master, but in the process of studying, he felt more and more disturbed by common things and could not settle down to study. Learning, ability has not been improved. Later, he turned off his own physiotherapy hall and devoted himself to learning to follow his master. After the master took over the nunnery in the steep cliffs of the mountain peak from the last man, he came here.

Little bullshit, the mountain is not through water and electricity, poor land also can not grow good food and vegetables. Because of self recognition is a semi practice, and there is no family support, they spend their own money to buy solar panels to generate electricity, buy drinking water, grain and vegetables every other week or so, and wash and gargle with the stormwater stored in the cellar. Although the conditions were hard, Xiao Hu felt that he was more able to study medicine on the mountain. "After the mountain comes up, the whole mood is different. The things that should be put down can be put down, not as fast as in the mountain.

Xiao Hu did not intend to stay in the mountain. After the knowledge and ability of traditional Chinese medicine reached the demand, he would go down the mountain to continue to open the shop, but he did not set a definite time limit for himself.

A small history of disease raising

The brick and wood structure of the typical Guanzhong architectural style, the wooden pillars that support the eaves have cracked, the couplets attached to them have been completely turned white by the rainwater, and the carved wooden windows are still there, just without the flax paper that has been on it, in the air, in the dark, damp room, with bricks and wooden blocks. A "bed", the bed is covered with only the bedding of the core, the seams have opened the line, a candle on the bedside of the brick, a book on the bed side of the mat, is a monk self printed "pure land doubt". The half abandoned Taoist temple located on the hillside of the library Valley is a 95 year old boy's history from Guizhou.

This is the second residence after Xiaoshi came to Zhongnan mountain. Previously, Xiao Shi lived in the abandoned village, the most concentrated village in Nanshan, the village of Tai Yu Kou, but after a series of public security cases, such as stealing and robbery, fighting and fighting, the local police carried out a centralized operation to check the identity of the foreign hidden practitioners. After the seizures of several wanted criminals, the police brought the village house. All seals should be affixed to prohibit the hidden practitioners from living here again.

After being driven out, Xiao Shi inquired, found the semi discarded view in the valley of the kouyu, and contacted a Taoist donor, a village in Lantian County, Shaanxi province. Receive the villagers.

In this way, the little history resided in the valley, where there was no water and electricity, and because of the poor countryside from Guizhou and the other relatively rich practitioners, the small history did not have much money to place supplies, just bought a solar panel to generate electricity, and wash and rinse the water for cooking and drinking. It is raining and raining down the mountain to gather water into the cellar, and eating is the simplest noodle and rice. Because of the poor growth of the land in the mountains, Xiaoshi bought vegetables once a month down the hill.

After a few months of Daoguan residence, the small history had to go down the mountain to make money by express delivery, and sent a month express to save more than 2000. After coming home after the Spring Festival, the first month was five, the small history is the excuse of the company, from his home and back to the end Nanshan.

In fact, although it has been in the mountains for more than a year, but the small history has always been hidden from the family, consciously unable to explain the life of the hermit mountain, he chose not to say, a week with a cell phone to find a signal in the mountain to give parents a call to greet, the conceal is more than a year.

Xiao Shi said that after 90s, more than 90% were hidden from their parents, but still many people were known at home, so many parents went to the south mountain to find their children every year. Fortunately, they found the children and persuaded them to take them back; unfortunately, or could not find them, or did not find home; sadly, more unfortunate. What the parents can find is a corpse - the vast area of the Nanshan mountains, some after 90, to be undisturbed, to live in a hut where the inhabited place is inhabited.

Similar to the people who had met before, Xiaoshan claimed to come to Zhongnanshan not to practice, but to recuperate. 15 year old junior high school has not graduated, Xiao Shi to work in the society, age and lonely, slowly become addicted to the Internet addiction, work on the Internet bar play games, every day is muddled, always feel that the mind is not too sober. After several years of such a day, a chance came into contact with the Buddhist sutra, and the small history went to the end of the south mountain to learn the Buddha, so his hair was shaved, but his master had to see his age, and he had to practice his own practice.

In the mountain, the small history of the daily arrangement is to get up at an early start, wash and clean for an hour, sit for two hours, and start cooking and cooking - it takes a long time to cook and cook in the mountains. After dinner, after 3 hours of dinner, the night of the Buddhist Scripture is deep. It's time to sleep. "The mountains live very fast," although the humble house has a vegetarian meal, little history seems to be very enjoyable.

However, Xiaoshi also has his own troubles. He can't wrap up the fire in the paper. If he goes on like this, his parents will know sooner or later.

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