Official number of students in the primary school: official resignation: substitute teacher

Official number of students in the primary school: official resignation: substitute teacher

Original title: a rural primary school in Hunan, Xinhua, many people's final examination results are official figures: the disqualified substitute teachers have been dismissed.

This few days, Hunan Xinhua County Jingzhu town Jingzhu school final test report card circulated on the Internet, in the first grade of the 15 people, the language test number of 6 people, the highest score is only 30, the math test number of 3 people; two grade 19 Chinese scores are 5, only 4 in Mathematics pass, the highest score 67 points. ...

In July 13th, the town's educational officials replied to the upstream reporter that the transcript was a report card without a review. Although it was inaccurate, it basically reflected the fact that "Jingzhu primary school students were lost in the starting line". At present, they are thinking of a variety of ways to remedy them.

The scores in the transcript were found by the upstream journalists. Among the 15 students in the first grade, there were 6 Chinese figures and 3 math tests, 5 of the 19 in grade two, 4 in mathematics, 26 in the highest score of 67, and 26 in the highest score of 67; in four grade 17, language 3 of the number of figures, 3 in mathematics, 56 in English, 56 in English, 0 for 3, 31 in science, and in 22 in grade six, 7 in Chinese, 7 in mathematics, 62 in English, and one in science, the highest score of science, one of the highest in science score, one of the highest in science. Students' thinking and science are all zero.

An official in charge of education in the town said that at the end of June, the town held a whole town examination. After the completion of the examination, the parents of Jingzhu primary school students asked the teacher's children's results, and the teacher uploaded their transcripts to the WeChat group. This transcript has not been reviewed, and there are inaccuracies. Real results will change. "There are changes but not much change. Generally speaking, they are accurate."

The official said that Jingzhu village is a remote mountain area, Jingzhu primary school has 4 teachers, two public run two generation, "because there is no preschool class, parents let the doll ahead of the first grade, the school students' overall age is smaller than the age. There are only four grades in the school year. Now students are going to school in rented houses. New schools will be completed by the end of the year. Hardware is not a problem. The software is very troublesome. The first year's substitute teacher is too low to walk. The principal does his work before he stays, so that he can guarantee the safety of his students.

The official said that at present, they have dismissal of two substitute teachers, and the town center school also organized teacher - to - one tutoring to make up for the children's homework.

In addition, the official also held a parent meeting, hoping that parents should pay attention to family education. "Mountain primary school, teachers are too weak to recruit teachers, if volunteers can come to teach."

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