Live for a long time seeing heavy rain and serious water in Jintang, Chengdu.

Live for a long time seeing heavy rain and serious water in Jintang, Chengdu.

Original title: see you for a long time! Chengdu Jintang heavy rain and serious water, all together to salvage the aircraft!

Cover news (reporter Li Zhi) in recent days, heavy rain in Sichuan continued, serious water, roads flooded, flooded cars, housing flooded......

If you are flooded, you must rescue them, such as cars, two brothers, or other items. But have you ever seen a fishing plane? Really!

On the morning of July 12th, Mr. Gao (alias), a tourist who was playing in huaikou, Jintang, Chengdu, took such a scene. After the rainstorm, there was serious water in the low-lying place in the town of the town of huma Town, huaikou town. On the other side, a group of staff pulled up their trouser legs, tied the rope to the helicopter, and lined up like a tramp, dragging the plane hard.

I have seen the flood, fishing and fishing, but I have never seen a plane. Mr. Gao said. According to the reporter, the helicopter is a small town scenic spot, a helicopter model outside the outdoor, can not really fly, mainly for visitors to take photos of the use of photos. Mr. Gao told reporters that, after a lot of efforts, the staff of the scenic area dragged the helicopter to the shore, placed in a relatively high terrain, so as not to be flooded again.

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Heavy rain echoed north and south, affecting many provinces in Sichuan.

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