Why not take the opportunity to copy the bottom of the first break of the millet?

Why not take the opportunity to copy the bottom of the first break of the millet?

Abstract: Although the early millet has always wanted to remove the high price of the hat, but the quality of the brand image, but in the retail market opened a new market.

Source: IT times

Author: Qi Yeyun

The boots came to the ground at last.

In July 9th, the millet group was listed on the Hongkong stock exchange. The stock code was "01810", the issuing price was HK $17, and its market value reached US $46 billion 500 million. Successfully squeezed out the NetEase and became the top five Internet listed companies after Ali (489 billion 500 million), Tencent (477 billion 800 million), Baidu (87 billion 200 million) and Jingdong (55 billion 900 million).

When millet collectively fell into joy, there was a wave of empty eyes in the market. The valuation shrinkage and the first break have become the two most important points to attack millet fire. The market value of the $100 billion launched by IPO has been cut to nearly half of the $54 billion 300 million valuation announced by Lei Jun in July 8th. On the first day, Xiaomi's share price was below HK $17, closing at HK $16.8. In fact, the first break is common in Internet Co, and Facebook and Amazon have similar situations when they are listed. Wind data showed that as of July 4th, the breakage rate of the 100 listed companies in Hong Kong stocks was as high as 75%.

However, reporters believe that the first day of the performance of millet is not satisfactory, and can not be regarded as an argument for a long time to be seen. Lei Jun responded to Millet's "break" when he made it clear that short-term stock prices are not the most important, and long-term prices are important. Li Xiaojia, the president of Hong Kong exchange, has also said that the market is not organized. The stock price of a listed new economy company is the natural form of the market, no commendatory or derogatory.

Affected by the big environment, even in the short term, the stock price of millet is insufficient, but in the long run, the commercial model of millet can support the larger space of stock price growth. We look at Lei Jun's update version of the "iron man Triathlon" theory, the "software + hardware + service" to "hardware + Internet + new retail", you can see the field of millet power at the moment: new new retail layout. Not only integrated business channels and millet home, in five years, revenue exceeded $10 billion, but also opened up a separate millet platform.

Although early millet has always wanted to remove the hat with high cost performance, the cheap and cheap brand image has opened a new market in the retail field. Any enterprise, attached to the millet ecological chain label, its products seem to have a best-selling magic, millet mobile power, millet hand ring, millet balance car, millet sweeping robot... Examples are too numerous to enumerate.

Millet's strong "carrying capacity" can be called "Fan Bingbing in the beauty industry". Perhaps it is the value of its own brand, millet open more open millet products brand, not only include all the products of millet business city, some other products of ecological chain enterprises, non ecological chain products also appear in Millet products. According to public data, in 2017, the annual sales of the ecological chain expanded by millet exceeded 20 billion, an increase of 100% compared with 2016.

The growth of the mobile phone market to the ceiling is a reason for many people to look at the millet for a long time. However, do not forget the importance of the trend. During the period of 2015 to 2017, the structure of millet income was gradually optimized, and the sales revenue of smart phones fell to 80.4%, 71.26% and 70.28%, in addition to expanding the emerging overseas market, The field of early millet cultivation is being reaped step by step, and the income from Internet services and new retail businesses will continue to increase.

More importantly, the millet ecological circle has more than 85 million equipment, more than 10 million daily live equipment, more than 400 partners, is the world's largest intelligent hardware platform. The layout of the field of IOT will bring huge traction to the optimization of the revenue structure once it reaches the scale economic benefits. At that time, not only did no one doubt whether millet is a Internet Co, but it is likely that the stock price will be two times that of Lei Jun.

In this way, "millet is the first stock of young people" is not just ridicule, but also a blessing.

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