Venezuela accused Columbia's armed groups of crossing the border and provocation, calling it the US leader.

Venezuela accused Columbia's armed groups of crossing the border and provocation, calling it the US leader.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, 12 days local time, Venezuelan President Maduro accused neighbouring Columbia of exporting armed groups to the country, aiming to destroy the stability of the border areas.

AVN national news agency, Venezuela, quoted him as saying: "armed gangs are secretly crossing the border, trying to cause losses to the people living in Venezuela and carry out a series of provocations."

Maduro's data map. Map source: Agence France-Presse

Maduro said that behind the scenes were the Columbia oligarchs and the US government.

In this regard, he once again appealed to the army to remain vigilant and reiterated, "I give the general staff and the supreme military command the order to keep the alert to the utmost to ensure peace."

According to Agence France-Presse, Maduro warned the armed forces on 4 days to be vigilant to President Trump's "invasion plan": "one second can not slack out, we will defend our country's greatest right in history, that is peace."

The observer network reported that in August last year, Trump even threw out "why the United States did not invade Venezuela directly" in the White House Oval Office.

Maduro believes that the news has supported his previous view that the United States is planning to launch a military attack on Venezuela to seize huge reserves of oil.

According to the February 12th World newspaper website, the Venezuelan attorney general, Tarek William Sabu, warned that "someone is planning to carry out military occupation of Venezuela." We will never allow this to happen. "

The Chavez pie said Columbia was deploying troops on the border with Venezuela, on the surface to prevent a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country, and in fact the hidden conspiracy was to invade the territory of the Commission with the help of the United States.

Reported that Columbia in February 9th in the border area deployed about 2200 soldiers, aimed at strengthening border control and combat illegal cross-border and smuggling activities. Venezuela responded immediately, adding about 100 soldiers and more military aircraft to the border area.

Geographical location map of Venezuela and Columbia

The United States does not recognize Maduro's re-election

In May 20th this year, Maduro won the new presidential election and opened his second 6 year term. The United States later said it would not recognize "false" elections and is considering oil sanctions against Venezuela.

Earlier, at the May 7th Meeting of the organization of America, vice president Burns expressed "very worried" in Venezuela's domestic situation, asked Venezuela to cancel the "deceptive" presidential election and asked the organization of American States to abolish the membership of Venezuela.

Venezuela tit for tat, reiterating its decision to withdraw from the organization.

According to Russian satellite news agency reported that in June 20th, Columbia's current president Santos asked the organization of American States to intervene in Venezuela's emergency situation.

For more than 5 years since his first presidency in 2013, Maduro has been in power for more than a long time, encountered by the "economic war" initiated by the western countries, the large-scale violent demonstrations by the opposition coalition organization, and the economic and financial sanctions imposed by the United States on domestic human rights and democracy since the second half of last year.

The South American country, with its rich oil resources, has fallen into the mire in recent years, and the people live in hot water. The opposition has blamed the problems on the Maduro administration, and the western countries have taken this long time to accuse the Maduro government of "dictatorship".

After his earlier election campaign, Maduro will continue to increase social investment, increase direct subsidies to the people's lives, and restore domestic production and economy.

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