When a man looks for his ex-wife to remarry, he sees a friend who has killed himself by wearing a green hat.

When a man looks for his ex-wife to remarry, he sees a friend who has killed himself by wearing a green hat.

Original title: man accidentally killed his ex-wife's ex wife, perjury for his crime.

Justice in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, July (reporter Fan Yuehong correspondent Ou Wen) Peng Mou saw his friend stay in his ex-wife's home, and he lost his friend, his ex-wife's lover. In order to cover up his crime, Pang (another case handled) instigated his ex-wife to perjury. In July 9th, Chiang was prosecuted for perjury on the Ouhai District Procuratorate of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

According to Xiao Yu, a neighbour of Jiang, the weather was hot in the morning of the day of July 3rd. He was lying in bed with a mobile phone. His bed was just by the wall of the door corridor. He could see the 206 room in his head, that is, a room that was leented by Jiang. Xiao Yu said that more than 9 o'clock in the morning, he saw a man open 206 door, and then shut the door immediately down, and soon, the man was folded back. At that time, the man was lying in bed with a man and a woman, the man sprang directly to the man lying on the bed, and the later two were scuffled to the head of the bed, because the sight was shielded, small. I can't see the situation inside. I only heard a man with a Sichuan accent saying, "I am so good to you, I take you as my brother, if you give me a knife, I will kill you today." Then there was a loud bang, and there was no movement in the room. After that, the man went out, and the woman kept calling the man who had been beaten. Later, he went out to buy food. When he came back, he saw the injured man being lifted to the floor by a friend of Jiang. "I saw the man who was injured at that time is paralyzed and his lips were black."

After that, the injured man, PAM, was sent to pan Qiao hospital for treatment, but because of the heavy injury, the man died of invalid treatment. After identification, the deceased died of severe craniocerebral injury caused by blunt violence in the left temporal occipital region.

Peng man, a 31 year old man, is Chiang's ex husband. Peng's brother revealed that on the day of the case, Peng returned to rent a house that was intended to be married with his ex-wife, Jiang, and when he saw one of the scenes, Peng lost his reason. After the incident, Peng received his phone call from his ex-wife, saying that he had collapsed. Peng knew that the matter was serious. After a few thoughts, Peng called his ex-wife and begged her to hide the fact that a couple and her children were helping him to hide his head with a glass. At this point, Jiang promised his former husband's request. During the investigation and prosecution of Peng's intentional injury in the public security organs, Jiang made a false testimony. He lied that Peng was accidentally knocked down by Pu and he was hurt by his head and hit the table. But after all, the paper could not contain the fire.

After Jiang's account, Pu Mou was a friend of his former husband for more than ten years. Pu was going to return to his home in July 3rd. A day before he started, Pu Mou made an appointment with another friend of Chiang, and after full dinner, Pu Mou sent Chiang back to his house and stayed in his home. The ex husband of second day morning came back.

Chiang did not help his ex husband for a moment, but he also had to bear criminal responsibility.

After the examination of the procuratorial organ, he believed that Jiang, as a witness, made a false proof of the case which had important relations with the case, and attempted to concealment of the crime. His behavior had violated the criminal law and was suspected of perjury, so it was prosecuted to the Ouhai District Court according to law.

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