Sichuan set up "7.12" Jiang'an Hengda deflagration major accident investigation team

Sichuan set up

Original title: Sichuan provincial government set up "7.12" Jiang'an Hengda deflagration major accident investigation team to carry out the investigation of the cause of the accident in accordance with the law

Sichuan online news (reporter Huang Dahai Ren Hong) reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Security Supervision Bureau, at 14:30 on July 13th, the Sichuan provincial government "7.12" Jiang'an Hengda explosion accident investigation group was formally established, the first plenary meeting was held in Jiang'an County, Yibin, and the Department was arranged to investigate the work.

The investigation group was led by the Sichuan Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau. The member units were composed of provincial supervision committee and public security department, and invited provincial procuratorate and relevant experts from and outside the province to participate. The investigation group consists of 3 teams, namely, the technical group, the responsibility group and the comprehensive group.

The meeting requires that the working group should work immediately, in accordance with the principles of scientific rigorous, according to law, seeking truth from facts, and paying attention to actual results, on the basis of facts and with the law as the criterion, objective, scientific and impartial investigation, so that the reasons can not be found clearly and not, and the responsibility can not be dealt with by the majority. The workers and staff members can not get away without education, and the preventive measures are not implemented.

It is reported that the responsible person of the accident has been controlled, and the investigation team will thoroughly examine the cause of the accident and seriously pursue responsibility according to the regulations.

Source: Sichuan Online

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