Trump, a self proclaimed genius, has made trouble again, calling Ireland a part of Britain.

Trump, a self proclaimed genius, has made trouble again, calling Ireland a part of Britain.

Original title: another disaster! Trump was a genius...

On these two days, US President Trump brushed up a sense of presence at NATO summit with his mouthpiece.

At a press conference, however, he had just declared himself a genius and immediately made a common sense mistake and offended the whole country.

Trump concluded his visit to London on the 12 day of the NATO summit in Brussels and began his visit to Britain. But his erroneous remarks about Britain before the NATO summit had been fermenting quickly on the Internet, causing a strong dissatisfaction with the Irish people next door to the UK.

At an emergency news conference after the NATO intensive talks, Trump made a serious mistake when asked to take off Britain and his visit to Britain, which called Ireland part of the UK.

When talking about Thursday's trip to Britain, Trump told reporters: "I believe in British people - including Scots and Irishmen (all of you know, I have property in Ireland, I have real estate in all places) - I think people who like me very much, they agree with me on immigration issues. "."

Soon, his remarks triggered a heated debate on twitter, and netizens' ridicule also surged.

Naturally, these remarks were first dissatisfied with Irish friends. They immediately spread knowledge to Trump, saying Ireland and Northern Ireland were not the same thing.

Part of Britain's invasion of Ireland is called Northern Ireland. Ireland is not Northern Ireland.

However, Trump offended far more than Irish friends.

The English: I just feel that I am sharing the same time zone with him now, and I am disgusted with it. Fortunately, he does not live here.

As a Scotsman, I can say with certainty that we disagree with Trump in any way and in any form.

This is just like we are not part of Canada. I think the western part of the United States should be separated from the United States and join Canada. In that case, if they can own the seaside property and we can get zero tariff products, why not?

I am an American with German and Irish ancestry. No matter which country of the Three Represents, I hate him enough.

Even Americans do not want to admit that they have such an ignorant president.

I hope Trump will not undermine everyone's love for America and Americans. Please don't think Americans like Trump. We will eventually break the yoke of his dictatorship. God bless Britain and the queen because they have to deal with Trump's foolish and eccentric behavior.

Who can send Trump to the moon!

Many more netizens have once again moved out of the ironic banner of the pressure axis - Trump once again proved that he was a stable genius (a stable genius)!

This is not surprising! He is so smart. He is a highly educated genius.

At present, some of the Irish local media are exposing Trump's ignorant speech. One of the media ironically said: "someone told Trump that Ireland is not part of Britain.

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Trump's first visit to the British public prepares a gift for him.

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