Research Report on "Internet behavior of adolescents in the capital in 2017-2018"

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Original title: the capital Internet association and Qianlong Network Literacy academy jointly issued the "2017-2018 year youth Internet Behavior Research Report"

Qianlong Network July 13th news (reporter Han Jiayao) 12 afternoon, the theme of "pay attention to the security status of young people online release" 2017-2018 years of the capital young Internet Behavior Research Report on Internet "held in Beijing. The conference is directed by the Beijing City Network letter office, the capital Internet association and the thousand dragon network network literacy Institute, Beijing City Network letter office, Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Beijing municipal Party committee, capital civilization office and other relevant departments, experts and scholars, network supervision volunteers, mother review group, secondary school and student representatives, more than 20 websites and media More than a hundred people will attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wei Wan, executive vice president and Secretary General of the capital Internet association.    

At the meeting, the capital Internet association and the Qianlong Network Literacy Institute jointly issued the "2017-2018 year Research Report on the behavior of the teenagers in the capital of the capital" (hereinafter referred to as "the report"). Mr. long Guang Tao, vice director of the school of network literacy of the thousand dragon network, introduced the report to better understand and master the Internet behavior of young people in the capital, and help all parties to carry out the network safety protection of minors more scientifically and effectively. The survey activities of network behavior and questionnaire survey were adopted to select 8-18 year olds in primary and secondary schools in the city. 21625 valid samples were collected for three months, and the report was formed on the basis of a large number of data statistics and analysis.

Luo Ziwen, executive director of the school of Journalism and communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a detailed explanation of the report.

The report shows that there are three main problems in the capital youth network security, such as strict parental control, lack of common sense of safety technology and hidden danger of social social risk. In the protection of personal information of young people, the report points out that the youth of the capital have certain personal information protection ability, but lack of information and insurance. The subjective initiative of protection. In view of the above problems, five countermeasures and suggestions are given: first, schools should strictly regulate school discipline, standardize the behavior of young people online; two, teachers and parents should strengthen the network security education for young people; three, parents should strengthen supervision and guidance to the Internet for young people, and take an example, and four is to strengthen the relevant departments. Supervision of the Internet platform and network business premises; five, the relevant enterprises should consciously abide by the corresponding laws and regulations.

Speaking of how to solve the problem of Internet security for young people, Bu Wei, a professor of the press and Communication Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that parents and teachers should look at the Internet in a positive and positive manner to protect the rights of teenagers to use the Internet.

Sun Hongyan, director of the Juvenile Research Institute of China Youth Research Center, said that it is necessary to treat teenagers with the attitude of acceptance, respect the laws of the Internet and respect the growth characteristics of the new generation of young people. Parents should set an example and guide their children to use the net scientifically.

"Some children in the class really do not form the correct concept of using mobile phones and networks, so there are also many problems in the process of education and teaching." Wang Shilong, a teacher from Luhe middle school in Beijing, said, "the report is how to guide students to use the network correctly and treat the network, and put forward practical advice and guidance to our front-line educators."

Liu Yingjie, Minister of Beijing Municipal Committee of Beijing Youth Network Culture Development Center, said that the boycott of bad network information and the protection of Internet security for young people not only need cooperation between parents and schools, but need necessary legal and administrative means, and enterprises should take the initiative to take on social responsibility.

Li Yang, deputy director of the minors' office of the capital civilization office, believes that the report shows five characteristics of "clear guidance, true content, unique perspective, in-depth analysis and feasible countermeasures". The relevant units engaged in the ideological and moral construction of minors can get a great help from the report and emphasize that the family is at the same time. Schools and schools should form joint efforts to jointly guide students to make good use of network resources.

Wang Cheng, Secretary of the Party branch of the Beijing Education News Center, said that the report comprehensively and objectively reflects the network life style of teenagers in our city. The results of the investigation can help the education management department to help teachers, parents, schools and society to understand the situation of the students on the Internet objectively and give students a specific effectiveness. Guidance is also very important for formulating corresponding educational measures.

The representative of the website, the representative of the mother review group, the volunteer representative of the network supervision and the student representatives of the Luhe middle school in Beijing made a speech on the issue of the adolescent safety online.

Source: Qianlong Network

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