Over the past 6 years, P2P has invested more than 10 thousand yuan in liquidation and paid back its principal and interest in 4 years.

Over the past 6 years, P2P has invested more than 10 thousand yuan in liquidation and paid back its principal and interest in 4 years.

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Huang Xinyu) on the morning of July 13th, the operation of Beijing P2P net loan (Beijing) science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "joint force loan") issued the deferred payment announcement for nearly 6 years, announcing the withdrawal of the net loan industry. In the amount of less than 10 thousand yuan, the platform will settle all the funds within this month; the platform will pay the principal in 3 years according to the subsequent return, and pay the interest in 4 period with the standard of 6%/. The payment will be completed by July 31, 2022.

The announcement said that because of the recent deterioration in the survival environment of the net loan industry, the lack of investor confidence, the increase of capital outflow, the loss of the repayment will of the borrowers and the insufficiency of the repayment ability, the liquidity of the joint loan is nearly exhausted, and finally the decision to withdraw from the net loan industry is made.

The official said that within 10 days of the announcement, Zhang Lin, a joint venture company, led the establishment of a liquidation working group to take stock of the company's assets and repayment plans. The number of users who invest less than 10 thousand yuan will be cleared up by the end of this month. Users who invest more than 10 thousand (inclusive) yuan will be reimbursement in batches according to the subsequent repayment.

Batch repayment is completed in three years: in July 31st -2019 August 1, 2018, 30% per month for the loan of at least the repayment of the principal of the investor is not less than 2%; in July 31st August 1, 2019 -2020, at least 40% of the repayment principal is not less than 2% a month; August 1, 2020 -2021 July 31st, return the remaining gold, not less than 2% per month, until the settlement is cleared up.

During the payment process, the announcement said that after the completion of all the principal repayment of the joint venture loan, the interest will be paid in four installments in accordance with the 6%/ standard. (the remaining principal of the first day of each natural year is the accounting basis for the current interest rate). The work will be completed before July 31, 2022.

It is prepared to hold an investor meeting in the office next week, with the real controller to meet the investors face to face with the payment scheme, and to hold two regular sessions a week by September 30, 2018. The telephone number of the company is 13502278837 and 18901171740.

The announcement indicated that the Heli loan platform and the real controller promised investors all the details.

In September 18, 2017, we made a change of shareholders and promoters. The investor is changed to Beijing China Beijing Hongsheng Asset Management Center (limited partnership), Lantian Holding Co., Ltd., and Liu Feng, the founder / original chairman and CEO Liu Feng, Lantian Holding Co., Ltd., and Li Mingshun's real controller / legal person's good credit world information technology (Beijing) Limited company. The share ratio has also changed.

The sky eye check shows that the Beijing central metallurgy Hongsheng Asset Management Center (limited partnership) is currently investing in 77% of the 50 million yuan registered capital, and the amount of confesding is 38 million 500 thousand yuan. The share of the shares currently holding 22% of the shares is Lantian Holdings Limited, the amount of the payment is 11 million yuan, and Liu Feng is paid by 500 thousand yuan. The amount holds the remaining 1% of the share ratio.

In the company's official website, Liu Feng has withdrawn from the company's operation team. But in the China mutual Gold Association's institutional information and sky eye search, Liu Feng still worked together to loan the director Gao. After the change of equity, Beijing Hongye Asset Management Center (limited partnership) became a joint and effective prosecution.

According to the announcement, the sources of funds for the liquidation of the joint force loan are the receivables of the funds released, the accounts receivable of the overdue and breach of contract, the disposal of the fixed assets of the company and the shareholders corresponding to the corresponding foot value.

As of June 30, 2018, the total loan amount of the joint loan is 2 billion 307 million yuan, the loan balance is 300 million yuan, the interest balance is 14 million 526 thousand and 700 yuan, and the loan balance pen number is 500.

From the announcement date, the joint force loan announced the reservation website (www.helloan.cn) and the normal maintenance of APP, no longer issue new products and no additional increment of business; the current balance of the account can be normally extracted and frozen undue assets. Joint venture claims that the principal to be collected from the date of the announcement is the basis for later liquidation.

Editor: Ni Xueying

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