"Cousin of Gansu" finally came into office during the period of too high-profile public opinion riots.

Original title: Fire glory and noble horse! "Gansu cousin" finally happened...

Today, "fire" has more than once "fire Secretary" and "fire".

In the morning of July 13th, the Gansu clean government announced that he was suspected of serious violation of the law from January 2011 to April 2017 as secretary of the Wuwei municipal Party committee of Gansu, and is currently receiving disciplinary review and supervision from the Wuwei Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Strictly speaking, the fire and glory of the horse at this moment should not be called "fire Secretary", because early in April 2017, the fire Rong GUI has unloaded the post of 6 year old Wuwei municipal Party committee secretary. In July 18th of the same year, the Standing Committee of the eleventh Committee of the CPPCC Gansu province appointed fire Rong GUI as deputy director of the Committee of agriculture and rural work of the Committee of the Gansu Provincial Committee of the CPPCC. Therefore, the formal title of Huo Rong GUI should be "deputy director of fire" instead of "fire Secretary".

However, the public opinion circles still prefer to use the name of "fire Secretary" to call the former local member. The reason is very obvious that the fire glory was too "high profile" during his tenure in Wuwei, and its practice has caused more than one public opinion. In other words, before the end of this time, Huo Rong expensive has already been "fire" more than once.

For the party and government officials of the party and government, fame may be good or bad. Some officials have made outstanding achievements and become "star officials" and "net red officials". It is no doubt a good thing to see, but in turn, there are some officials, because of the bad governance, the style of work, and the negative reputation.

One of the most popular "fires" is undoubtedly the "reporter arrested" incident in 2016. On January 7th and 8, three journalists stationed in Wuwei, Lanzhou morning post, Lanzhou evening news and Western business daily, lost contact. In January 25th, the people's Procuratorate of Liangzhou district decided that three journalists from three newspapers were suspected of extortion. They were arrested, transferred and prosecuted.

In February 6th, the Gansu Provincial People's Procuratorate issued a notice on the verification of Zhang Yongsheng's alleged extortion by Sina official micro-blog. The report said that in January 7th, the police of the Liangzhou District Public Security Bureau found that Zhang Yongsheng was a reporter in the letter of the report of the Wuwei Municipal Public Security Bureau's approval of the Wuwei Municipal Public Security Bureau in January 4, 2016. In January 8th, the Liangzhou District Public Security Bureau investigated Zhang Yongsheng on suspicion of extortion, and approved the arrest in January 18th.

However, this announcement has aroused widespread controversy and dissatisfaction in the public opinion. At that time, the upstream News reported that three journalists who lost the Union in this arrest had dug the "chocolate girl" incident in Wuwei, so many people suspected that the news was lost.

At the same time, the reason why Zhang Yongsheng was arrested by the public security was also a few changes: in a moment, Zhang Yongsheng said that Zhang Yongsheng was arrested in the bathing city on suspicion of prostitution. In a moment, Zhang Yongsheng said that the police found its illegal clues in the process of handling the case, and then said that Zhang Yongsheng said that the local police were arrested in the treatment of the law of the local police because of the law.

As a result, the incident ended with the fact that the facts were not clear, the evidence was insufficient, and Zhang Yongsheng had not been prosecuted, and the public security organs had also done a suspension of duty on the responsible persons captured by him, and conducted an admonishing talk. Zhang Yongsheng himself received a compensation of 1098 yuan after bail pending trial. In other words, the arrest of Wuwei police has completely become a "Wulong", and the fire and Rong GUI, as the chief political officer of Wuwei at that time, naturally became the target of various criticism.

Later, the problem caused by this incident was also thrown to Wang Sanyun, the Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Committee, who was embarrassed by Wang Sanyun. Later, Wang Sanyun was sacked, and his deputy, the Deputy Secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee, was also sacked. Now, at last, it is the turn of the fire that is expensive. Tao Junfeng.

However, the historical problem of Huo Rong GUI is more than that. Shortly after the "arrest of reporters" just ended, in June 2016, a more than 50 public photo entitled Huo Ronggui, Secretary of the Wuwei municipal Party committee of Gansu, was worthy of a "cousin", and posted more than 50 pictures, pointing directly to the expensive luxury list in the investigation.

Network sticker pointed out that the fire Rong GUI once accompanied the Gansu Provincial Committee of Gansu Provincial Committee of the former Secretary of the investigation, and the investigation during the news pictures showed that the watch on the fire Rong precious wrist is very prominent and valuable, this event, let the fire glory on the back of the "cousin" of address, again put him on the point of public opinion.

From September to December last year, the fourth inspection team of the Gansu provincial Party Committee visited Wuwei. Inspection feedback pointed out that in the period of Wuwei municipal Party committee, there were some deviations in the concept of political achievements, such as face engineering, image engineering and performance projects. On the major and key issues, such as the economic development mode and project construction, investment investment, and the cultivation of the rich people industry, it is unrealistic to seek large seas and surpass the reality.

Among them, the inspection team specifically mentioned: "others talk", "democratic centralism" is a mere formality. Party secretaries at all levels perform the duties of "first responsibility" for Party building, and the system of "three meetings and one lesson" is not regular and irregular. In addition, the inspection team also received some clues to reflect some leading cadres, which have been handed over to the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the relevant departments as required.

Now, the fire glory and honor of less than one year is checked, and the information from the patrol group is confirmed, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up development of the case.

Appendix: the resume of fire Rong

Huo Rong GUI, male, Han, born in October 1962, Jingtai from Gansu, participated in the work in August 1981, joined the Chinese Communist Party in June 1984, on the job postgraduate education, and master of history.

1979.09 - 1981.08 Zhangye Normal College Chinese major learning

1981.08 - 1986.02 Deputy Secretary General Secretary of Gansu Agricultural Reclamation Corporation

1986.02 - 1991.07 deputy director and economist of Gansu Nongken general office, deputy director and editor in chief of editorial office of Nongken Zhi

1991.07 - 1993.03 deputy director of the office of the Gansu Provincial Agriculture Commission (1990.08 - 1992.12) studying in the economic management major of the correspondence school of the Central Party school.

1993.03 - 1995.11 Gansu provincial government office, agriculture and forestry department, Shanghai office, deputy Secretarial Officer of the Secretariat

1995.11 - 1997.11 deputy director of the Secretariat of the general office of the Gansu provincial government (rank)

1997.11 - 2001.06, the chief of the Secretariat of the office of the Gansu provincial government (1997.09 - 1999.07 at the postgraduate course in the History Department of the Lanzhou University)

2001.06 - 2004.09 party members and deputy directors of the general office of the Gansu provincial government

2004.09 - 2007.03 Deputy Secretary General of the Gansu provincial government and member of the Party branch of the General Office

2007.03 - 2010.01 Deputy Secretary General of the Gansu provincial government, deputy secretary and director of the Party branch of the general office.

2010.01 - 2011.01 director of the Wuwei Municipal Committee and the Standing Committee of the Gansu Municipal People's Congress

2011.01 - 2017.04 Secretary of Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu Province

2017.07 - deputy director of agriculture and Rural Work Committee of Gansu Provincial Committee of CPPCC

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