Sichuan deflagration caused 19 deaths: ten minutes 7 explosions, mushroom mushrooms

Sichuan deflagration caused 19 deaths: ten minutes 7 explosions, mushroom mushrooms

Original title: "seven explosions in ten minutes", causing 19 deaths, Sichuan deflagration enterprises "not approved before construction"

Around 18:30 July 12th, deflagration occurred in Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd., Yangchun Industrial Park, Jiang'an county. The official announcement said the accident had caused 19 deaths and 12 injuries, and the injured were sent to hospital for treatment without life-threatening.

The staff in the park of a concerned enterprise told the heavy case group 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37). The factory was built in 2017, and the second half of the year was still pouring concrete. It was not completed until May this year. "I did not think that it would be such a big thing to spend less than two months."

This afternoon, the Jiang'an county government held a news conference on the matter. At the meeting, the deputy director of the County Security Supervision Bureau, Cheng Ming Quan, said that the construction project of the enterprise construction project was basically completed without examination and approval, and the relevant departments had ordered it to stop the illegal construction and punishment. So far, the project has not been approved.

After the event, the state emergency department sent the working group to the scene to guide the emergency rescue and accident investigation, and said that the supervision of the accident was carried out, the accident investigation was carefully carried out according to the law, and the responsibility of the relevant personnel was seriously investigated.

"Hear seven explosions in ten minutes."

According to multiple live video shows, Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. has a fire inside the park. At a distance, the monitor took a picture and recorded the explosion moment. The flames in the picture flared up. At that time, the lens was jittering, and then the mushroom cloud was lifted in the air.   

Close to the distance, a fire was burning near the three storey steel structure beside the grass. The fire was almost as high as the steel frame and accompanied by thick smoke. There are fire and ambulance vehicles on the scene, and there are still some people around. One live video showed an electric car lying on the ground, and a medical staff squatting on the ground was pressing a man's chest.   

A witness at the scene told the heavy case team 37 that a deflagration enterprise was about two kilometers away from home. The sound was heard around six p.m. yesterday. It was found that the fire was "never seen so big, and the fire was sprayed about two kilometers from the detonation," and then outside the factory, the road outside the factory had pulled up the warning line, and the fire fighters arrived.   

Another witness recalls that at 18:25 yesterday, he was in the vicinity of the factory building and exploded at 18:30 or so. "I was walking on the road at that time, less than 300 meters from the factory, the explosion was very loud, the shock wave was shocked by the shock, and the ear membrane was greatly stimulated."   

He said the incident was fired after the explosion, and he heard 7 explosions in 10 minutes for the first time to the sound of the explosion, but the sound of the subsequent explosion was not the first one. "The factory building for the whole steel frame structure, no wall, usually from the outside can see the inside of the big jar and other equipment, the equipment is to do what I do not know." According to witnesses, the factory has been built for two months, and more than 6 p.m. should be the time for their employees to shift their shifts. After the explosion, all the windows of the house windows near the factory buildings were shattered.

No. 37 of the crime squad learned from the Propaganda Department of Jiang'an county Party committee that the deflagration occurred around 18:30 on the 12 day and lasted about 5 hours. The search and rescue operation is over. 19 people have been killed and 12 injured. All the injured were sent to Anxian People's Hospital for treatment. As for what the deflagration is, and the cause of the accident, the Propaganda Department staff said that they were still under investigation.

The project has not been examined by security conditions so far

The registration time of Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. is June 2015, the registered capital is 10 million yuan RMB. It mainly deals with the research and development, manufacture and sale of chemical raw material intermediates and chemicals, technical service, equipment installation and import and export business of goods.   

Yibin Jiang'an county Party Committee Propaganda Department staff said that the production of semi-finished products, located in Yangchun Industrial Park, Jiang'an County, Yibin City, there are many factories, this deflagration incident involved three buildings. Local residents revealed that the company was a part of the chemical products, and it was a factory that produced drugs.   

The staff in the park of a concerned enterprise told the heavy case group 37, the building of the factory was started in 2017, the second half of the year was still pouring concrete, until the completion of the completion of the use of this year in May this year, "I did not expect to put into use less than two months of time to do such a big thing."

This afternoon, the Jiang'an county government held a news conference on the accident.

In June 26, 2015, Yibin Hengda science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 26, 2015. In 2015, the government of Jiang'an County, county and county government invites investment projects, the company is located in the industrial park of Jiang'an County, Yibin, covering an area of about 50 mu. The company's proposed project is designed to produce 2300 tons of chemical intermediates annually, and the products are not dangerous chemicals.

The enterprise belongs to the chemical construction project for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates. Because of the use of dangerous chemicals in the reaction process, it is considered as a dangerous chemical construction project. But the design of the facility is basically completed without examination and approval. The city and county security supervision department has made a punishment to stop the construction and impose a fine.

In September 8, 2017, experts had organized a review of the safety conditions for the project and issued a security review opinion on the project in December 12th. In March 15, 2018, an expert on the project conducted a review of the safety facilities of the project, but was not examined until the safety of the project was not achieved before the accident. Application of design review.

Jiang'an County Fire Brigade captain Yao Yunhui pointed out that the enterprises involved in the fire safety and other links have not been declared, so far has not yet passed the fire department acceptance.

Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. deflagration accident rescue and disposal site, firefighters are fighting. China Singapore society / visual China

The Ministry of national emergency management sent people to the scene to supervise the operation.

This morning, the state emergency management department issued a message that, after receiving the report of the accident, the emergency management department sent the Party group member Wang Hao water belt working group to the scene to guide and assist the local people to do a good job in the treatment of wounded and accident, to find out the accident situation as soon as possible, to find out the original cause of the accident, and to properly do the injured personnel and meet the accident. The families of the difficult persons are appeasing and so on.   

And pointed out that the supervision of the accident, supervise the accident investigation and handling according to the regulations, and seriously investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel. At the same time, all parts of the country have been informed of the three aspects, deeply absorbing the lessons of the accident, paying close attention to the implementation of various safety work, further refining the work measures, resolutely curb the occurrence of all kinds of heavy and major accidents, and ensure the stability of the safety production situation.   

The carding out of No. 37 case group found that deflagration incidents occurred in chemical enterprises. In June of this year, a Anhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. burst out deflagration. Three firefighters were burned at the site. In December 2017, a chemical enterprise in Shandong joined the dry system with its natural gas and formed an explosive mixture with its internal air, which triggered a detonation during the heating process. 7 people were killed and 4 were injured.

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19 people died of deflagration in Sichuan Jiang'an Industrial Park

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