Zhai Xinxin first responds to Su's death: I will always remember him well.

Zhai Xinxin first responds to Su's death: I will always remember him well.

Original title: Red Star interview, Zhai Zhai Xin Xin first responds to Su Xing Mao's death: I am very miserable, ten million is for anger, uncle is not a senior official.

Source: Red Star News

In July 12th, Su Sheng Mao's family complained about the contract dispute, tort liability and other cases. According to media reports, after the trial ended, Zhai Xinxin and his daughter met with family members of the Soviet Union at the door of the court and were persuaded to open.

Today (July 13th), Zhai Xinxin chose to face the media and receive an exclusive interview with red star news.

In two hours, she talked about the whole process of her association with Su Sheng Mao, and responded to the details of the controversy. This is the first time Zhai Xinxin has been interviewed by the media.

In the early morning of September 7th last year, Su Xing Mao, founder of mobile phone software wephone, jumped to commit suicide. Before he died, he announced that "Zhai Xinxin was killed by the poisonous wife of his wife", and then published the number of Zhai Xinxin's cell phone and identity card, and posted the remains on the Internet, claiming that Zhai Xinxin asked for tens of millions of property when he divorced.

For a time, Zhai Xinxin became the target of public criticism.

After the incident, Zhai Xinxin became almost a synonym for negative images on the Internet. Zhai Xinxin told Red Star News, "this year, I almost can not support, but also many times think of death."

On the pre court meeting

Meeting with the family for the first time after the incident

In July 12th, Su Sheng Mao's family complained about the contract dispute, tort liability and other cases. According to media reports, Su Sheng Mao's family came to court at the door of the Chaoyang District people's court in Beijing, Zhai Xinxin.

Red Star News: is July 12th your first meeting with the Soviet family after the incident? What was the situation at the time?

Zhai Xinxin: Yes, this is the first time we saw Su family after Su's death. On the same day, I made a simple and special dress, wearing my hat and glasses. Before the court, I stood with my father on the opposite side of the court, seeing that the Su family stood at the door and wanted to block us. So my father and I were watching them across the street until we saw them enter the security check before we went in. After entering, I didn't recognize them because of wearing hats and glasses. Su family's advanced elevator, I got the elevator behind.

When we left, we wanted to separate the way from the Su family, but because of avoiding suspicion, we still walked through the channels of the parties. As a result, the family of the Soviet Union had been blocked. My father got a lot of fist to protect me. My father had a heart stenting operation.

Red Star News: at present, how is your father's health?

Zhai Xinxin: after leaving the courtroom, my father and I rushed to the hospital. My father spent the night in the hospital. At present, the father has been discharged from the hospital.

Acquaintance with Su Henry

For the first time, she was gentle and elegant. Tesla was indeed a surprise.

After the death of Su Henry, the photos published on the Internet can see that Zhai Xinxin is tall and beautiful and taller than Su Henry. So many netizens suspect that Zhai Xinxin chose to contact him because he saw the economic strength of Su Henry. Zhai Xinxin made an explanation for this.

Red Star News: do you remember the first time you met Su Sheng Mao?

Zhai Xinxin: the first time he saw him, the boy wore glasses. He looked very gentle and thin. He looked much higher than me at that time. I like thin boys, so I feel pretty good at first sight. Then we sat down to chat, he talked very elegant, I appreciate, and I know that he was a graduate student in advance, I feel like such a boy for a lifetime, really good.

Red Star News: what kind of impression did Su Sheng Mao leave you in the course of your dealings?

Zhai Xinxin: now I recall that they are very tender details. Su Xiang Mao is a very caring person, and he is very attentive to this relationship. I miss that time very much, and I am grateful. In particular, I am the only child, and he comes from a large family with many brothers and sisters. I have many shortcomings, and he did not, so I was very happy with this feeling.

Red Star News: some people question that you have known only two months to flash marriage. The foundation of marriage is not strong enough to lead to tragedies. What do you think?

Zhai Xinxin: we were in love last year in 4 and May. During these two months, we traveled together, and I returned home with him. We get along with each other, we know each other's character very well, and our feelings are very deep. So I don't think we are fling a marriage on the basis of unreliable conditions.

Red Star News: you once said on micro-blog that the millions of Tesla red cars were the "surprise" he gave you when he just knew you. But the netizen question, Beijing's license plate needs the shake number, without early preparation and the shaking number, can not use the new car, doubting what you say "don't know" and "surprise" authenticity, how do you explain?

Zhai Xinxin and the red Tesla map are online

Zhai Xinxin: indeed, I was surprised when Su met with him when we first met him. He asked me out that day and told me to take me to a place, so he took me directly to 4S store in Tesla and said he would send me a car. I refused, and he said, "I chase a girl with my income for one month. It's nothing."

As for license plate number, Beijing new energy license plate number must be about one year or so. I had a gasoline car before I got that Tesla, so I had the license plate (Zhai Xinxin further explained that the license was used to borrow other people at that time). So, I used the license plate of my old gasoline car on the new energy Tesla, which is a replacement.

On the death of Suzhou

In extreme anger, I said, "go to hell," this year's transposition thinking.

Su Xiangmao mentioned "the break of the capital chain, I am desperate", so Zhai Xinxin demanded ten million as a divorce compensation, which led to the fracture of the capital chain of Su Henry, which was generally considered to be one of the reasons for "forced death" of Su Henry. In this regard, Zhai Xinxin said: "after the divorce, Sue was actively performing the divorce agreement, notarization, and asked me to provide letters and other complaints submitted by the plaintiff. Su's sister learned Sue divorced in August 17, 2017." And came to Beijing with his brother in August 20, 2017. According to media reports, (Su's elder brother and sister) came to Beijing and terminated the loan scheme of Su Sheng Mao.

Zhai Xinxin said she could not judge whether Su Henry's loan plan was used for the capital turnover of the company. As for "a break in the capital chain, the company could not run," Zhai Xinxin said, "Su died nearly a year, no one was pouring money for him, and his company was still operating normally."

Red Star News: what happened to Su Sheng Mao's death that night?

Zhai Xinxin: he put our divorce agreement on the Internet in the afternoon of September 6th last year. I asked him why he did it after I saw it, and he did not admit that he did it. Until he pushed the news that "I was killed by my poisoned wife Zhai Xinxin" to the wephone users, I immediately called the police, but the police couldn't understand what I was talking about, so I took my cell phone and drove to the police station to show the contents of the cell phone to the police.

The police attached great importance to it, and immediately called Su Sheng Mao to inquire about the situation. After su Sheng Mao answered the phone, he said he was okay. The police thought Su Sheng Mao was playing a trick and asked me to go back. At this time, my cell phone has displayed an explosive state of abuse. I was so angry, I kept in touch with him, let him pull down these things, in a state of extreme anger, I gave Su Henry a letter of letter, and mentioned "why don't you die".

I didn't sleep until 3 o'clock in the morning. When I got up on the second day, I didn't know Su Sheng Mao had passed away. I was sending him a message to get him to withdraw, and he kept on calling the police.

Red Star News: how are you doing after Su's death?

Zhai Xinxin: I was very miserable this year, and most of my pain was due to his departure rather than the so-called cyber violence. My pain is that I have lost a good friend forever. I will always remember his kindness. I may not be able to get through this life all my life.

Red Star News: Su Sheng Mao announced that before he died, he pushed you to the Internet. Did you hate him doing so?

Zhai Xinxin: now, I don't hate him. In this year, I changed my mind. Many of Su Xiangmao's practices in marriage were very hard to understand at that time, but now I can find reasons to convince myself. This year, I almost couldn't support it, and I thought of death many times. Seeing all kinds of comments from netizens, I told myself that netizens were not telling the truth. That is to say, before I die, I want to show the truth, and that is the thought that keeps me going.

Red Star News: what do you think is the death of Su Sheng Mao?

Zhai Xinxin: he did not have much love to talk about. It is simple in the relationship between men and women, so "love is deep and hate", but divorce does not cause him to commit suicide.

After knowing that our agreement was divorced, his brother and sister immediately said they were coming from their home. He said no, but his brother and sister came. After Beijing, they did not find me, but always let Su Xiangmao report the case, let him prepare the material, in fact, in fact, in this period, can contact me completely, everyone come out to sit down and talk about things.

But my most sad thing was that after August 20, 2017, the sister of Sujia, who had come to Beijing until September 7, 2017, had been with Sue in September 7, 2017. Why don't see Su's feeling sad, why don't get through him in time and solve his doubts, if their family is only dissatisfied with the divorce agreement, why don't you contact me and my family at that time?

About the two people to get along with

Su Henry was grim about my last marriage

"After marriage, I found Su Sheng Mao a strong possessive person. He brooding over my brief marriage history. Now I want to come, I don't think I'm doing well either. I infuriated him.

Red Star News: How did your feelings change after marriage?

Zhai Xinxin: after marriage, I found Su Sheng Mao a strong possessive person. He was very concerned about what I had done in the last semester, and always asked me about the last marriage, for example, "what have you done?" I even asked my ex husband to call him. He wanted to call my ex husband. I think it was 6 or 7 years ago, and I didn't want to mention it again.

Red Star News: why do you think this will cause your feelings to change?

Zhai Xinxin: I have been worried about my marriage. Over time, I felt that there was a fire in his heart. He always mentioned my last marriage and I would not like to mention it, because I even felt stupid about it. But I can feel that he either raises or borrows it.

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