Trump shelled NATO allies, the US defense chief's emergency rescue ground, but sat on the bench.

Trump shelled NATO allies, the US defense chief's emergency rescue ground, but sat on the bench.

Original title: Trump "bombardment" NATO ally, the US defense chief emergency rescue ground is on the bench.

Overseas network July 13, according to U. S. media reports, in the United States President Trump left NATO's headquarters a few hours after a few hours, the United States military executives immediately launched a comprehensive "loss control" action, and the European range of national military leaders to speak, reaffirmed that the United States will abide by the defense commitment to the region. During the NATO summit, in order to prevent Trump from "unobstructed", the Secretary of defense Matisse went to Brussels, but failed to participate in many important occasions.

According to NBC, a number of US foreign and military intelligence officials have indicated that the US Defense Department's leadership has directed the action. Senior U.S. military officials have sent a series of calls to NATO members, conveying a general message that US military bases in the United States will remain open and that the number of US troops in the region will not be reduced. The report said the US military action was "embarrassing" against Trump's continued military spending on European leaders.

A US diplomat said, "NATO alliance needs predictability." Informed officials said that after Trump promised the alliance to "put it on the table," the direct dialogue between the US military and NATO countries is to "consolidate alliance commitments".

Earlier, local time Wednesday (11), Trump asked NATO countries to increase the proportion of military spending to GDP from 2% to 4%. On Thursday (12), Trump said at a press conference, "I think I can, but I don't think it's necessary." Remember that sentence, they will pay 33 billion dollars more.

And French President Ma nicolon subsequently denied Trump's statement in public, emphasizing that the communiqu had already stated, "reaffirming the commitment of general expenses to GDP2% in 2024, only that."

A senior U. S. official revealed that Trump, who had previously held a closed door meeting with the leaders of 29 NATO members, had been "extremely aggressive", strongly demanding a substantial increase in the military budget and threatened to "reassess" NATO's commitment to the United States. Diplomats said Trump warned all allies that if the military budget was not raised, the United States would "do our own thing". Reported that some European leaders attending the meeting described Trump as a "threat".

But NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at a press conference 12, said Trump and NATO leaders between the leaders of the "open and open discussion", and said, "this will make NATO stronger." Stoltenberg said that the clear signal sent by Trump is having an impact, "creating a new sense of urgency".

According to reports, several U. S. officials said U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse had arrived in Brussels and planned to follow Trump during a series of meetings due to fear of further intensification of the Trent and the tensions of the allies. However, during the NATO summit, Matisse finally met with NATO military officials, but missed many key occasions. US Defense Department officials told reporters that Matisse would attend a press conference with Trump, but Matisse did not appear at the end.

Reported that, as of Friday local time (13), the U.S. Department of defense has not yet responded to this. (overseas network Jiang Shu translation)

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