Chivalrous Island: trade war to darkest hour. The US has come to an economic and trade delegation.

Chivalrous Island: trade war to darkest hour. The US has come to an economic and trade delegation.

Original title: [resolution Bureau] the "darkest moment" of trade war, the United States has come to an economic and trade delegation.

"We are against confrontation. I don't want to be a victim of Trump's confrontation with China. I don't want to be a chess player." It may be hard to imagine that this sentence "full of survival" comes from the mouth of mayor of Chicago.

In July 11th, the office of the United States trade representative issued a statement announces a list of the recommended products for the collection of tariffs on 200 billion US dollars in China's United States products; on the same day, the Chicago delegation visited China and the Forum on investment cooperation between Chinese cities and the United States of Chicago was held in Beijing.

The two sides not only signed the next "five year cooperation plan" to ensure that the related investment will not be stopped. The mayor of Chicago, Emanuel, also made a public statement that he hoped to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with China, and said the first words of the article.


Why is Chicago's visit worth paying attention?

First of all, although it's just a city, the coffee shop in Chicago is also very large. In May this year, Finances Online ranked the world's richest city, Chicago ranked eighth; not only that, in the GDP rankings of American metropolises, Chicago was also ranked third in the year.

Look back on the knowledge of geography. Chicago, located in the Midwest of the United States, is Illinois and east of Michigan lake, with a total population of more than 9 million. It is the third metropolitan area in the United States, second only to New York and Losangeles. Geographical location determines the "city" trajectory - as early as the east coast of the United States has not developed, Chicago is the central city of the United States, and now it is still a very comprehensive central and western development in the United States.

In education, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology... At the center of the North American continent, it is also the most important railway and aviation hub in the United States. Its O'Hare International Airport is the second busy airport in the United States, and Chicago is one of the major financial, futures and commodity trading centers in the United States, and Chicago is handed over. Yi group is the largest derivative exchange in the world.

It can be seen that Chicago and Iraq have many genes in international trade since its birth.

In 2014, the trade volume of Illinois reached $207 billion 900 million, with exports of $68 billion 200 million and imports of $139 billion 700 million, and imports and exports accounted for 67% and 33% of total trade, with a fairly high proportion.

Therefore, the local government also attaches great importance to the protection of foreign investment.

Last month, Wang Huiyao, President of China and CCG, joined the Chicago global city forum as the only representative of China's think tank. What size is this forum? London mayor, mayor of Warsaw, European Union officials, former US Treasury Secretary Paulson and so on. Its purpose is undoubtedly to explore urban governance matters and promote cooperation between cities.

In fact, it is not only Chicago. Wang Huiyao was very impressed. Last year he took part in the opening ceremony of Fuyao Glass at the Ohio factory. Local state ministers and Senate members attended the platform as well.


In this way, it is not surprising that Chicago should "stand up" in the Sino US trade war.

Data show that exports to China are among the highest in the US, and imports from China are among the top three. As early as 2013, Chicago signed a memorandum on Trade and investment cooperation with eight cities in China, with a view to promoting the healthy development of bilateral trade. Mayor Emanuel's account is unambiguous: "in the past five years, the volume of trade between Chicago and China has increased by 100%."

Indeed, looking at the dominant industries in Yizhou, and the big multinational companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, McDonald's, Diller farm machinery, kraft food and Abbott, which is not greatly dependent on the Chinese market?

More than 7000 of Boeing's 41000 new aircraft were sold to China, and at the end of 2017, Abbott's global executive vice president Brian Blaser came to Shanghai to unveil the world's first integrated customer experience center and publicly declared that "the Chinese market is the second largest market for Abbott diagnostics"; in 2016, China was under the flag. The company won 846 Chicago cars and the total amount was $1 billion 300 million.

Besides, there are more than 50 enterprises in Iraq - China has more than 50 (sole proprietorship or joint venture) companies in Yizhou, including the Bank of China Chicago branch, Hainan Airlines Chicago branch, China freight Airlines Chicago branch, Jin Feng American limited liability company, COFCO group, Fuyao Glass, Wan Xiang group and so on. Among them, tens of thousands of local companies in the United States, merged and bought 28 local companies, creating tens of thousands of jobs; Lenovo bought Motorola in 2014 to provide new jobs for its 3500 employees.

So, let's move our eyes back to the present. If all of these will be burned by the Sino US trade war, what will Chicago and Iraq feel?


Of course, China won't do that.

"Those countries that fight to the end will rise again, and those who surrender will eventually perish." The "darkest moment" in the Sino US trade war, Churchill's classic lines in the darkest moment sounds very exciting.

However, the more this knife has been in the neck, the reason has long been used, our fighting should be more careful about the strategy - "friends" is very precious.

Which friends?

The countries and organizations that firmly believe in the free trade system, the unbearable European countries, and of course, the Chicago with the heavy loss of trade war, and the large number of Ganoderma distributed on the land of the United States.

One of the details is worth paying attention to. According to the current tax system in the United States, the state government is relatively independent of the federal government, and does not need to be responsible for the president, and has a great power of autonomy. The state government has considerable influence on the decisions of the Senate and the house of Representatives.

In other words, to win these state governments, to a great extent, they have won the voting rights of the two houses, and to a great extent have won the opportunity to hold Trump.

On the 11 day of the local time, the US Senate passed a resolution with the overwhelming vote of 88:11 to restrain Trump's tariff power. "In a sense, this is the relevant departments and organizations that are putting pressure on the Senate where they are, and never let Trump do what he wants to do to the US economy." Wang Huiyao said.

This series of cooperation plans signed between China and Chicago is a very clear signal to the rest of the United States.

After all, there are not a handful of states that are quite dissatisfied with Trump's trade war with China. General, Ford, Dalem, Chrysler's headquarters in Michigan, Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Ohio, apple and California, where Disney is in California, have criticized Trump's radical trade policy.

"The more Trump is going to be in trouble with China, the more we want to unite the states of the United States, and let them see the will and determination of China to maintain the free trade system. In the past, we always bought American Treasury bonds in large quantities. At the moment, we could consider buying state bonds and funds to support their infrastructure. The United States believes that we have no counterforce. We should let them see that China does not lack any counter measures. Wang Huiyao said.

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