What has the Veterans Affairs Department been doing for 89 days?

What has the Veterans Affairs Department been doing for 89 days?

Original title: 89 days after establishment, what is the Department of Veterans Affairs doing?

Remember this March 13th,

Reform program of the State Council

It was submitted to the thirteen session of the National People's Congress for deliberation.

The newly formed Department of Veterans Affairs of the State Council,

Veterans have a "Maiden".

89 days apart,

What are the actions of the Veterans Affairs Department?

Follow the lens,

We gradually uncovered the mystery of this new department.

Beijing Beiyuan, the afternoon in the afternoon. When the Veterans Affairs Department was formed for 89 days, the reporter came to this young department and felt the strong pulsation here.

A department affects the hearts of 57 million ex servicemen. What is the department doing in less than a hundred days? What kind of working state is here? What policies will the new Department introduce to the ex servicemen? These questions are lingering in the minds of many people today.

Facing the 7 words of "Veterans Affairs Department", the answer is gradually revealed.

Into the hall, a "let the soldiers become a respected profession in the whole society" bronzing big words clearly, always remind everyone of the mission of this new department.

Through the hall, the office area has brought a different "new idea": empty ceiling, old tables and chairs, construction facilities placed everywhere. These seem to be incompatible with the newly formed Department.

"We are decorating on the one side of the office, completely self-made." The officers in charge of the propaganda work explained that they had overcome the difficulties of few people and poor office conditions and worked overtime, and realized the complements of the cadres, the standard of office order, and the construction of the organs of the organs.

We should focus on business work, carry out basic research, comprehensively sort out problems, strengthen letters and visits, and urge all localities to implement policies and measures. After 89 days of work, every staff member has a plan.

Several journalists who planned to interview have completed the investigation of local resettlement work just now. But when the new task came, they could not get enough interviews to turn to the next job. "We should also improve policies and measures such as ideological and political work, retirement placement, preferential treatment, assistance and assistance, and speed up the construction of online petition system." In order to improve the various systems and mechanisms for the management and protection of retired servicemen, everyone from the Department leadership to the staff is in a state of inconsistency.

In the corner of the office, every worker has a portable camp bed with a set of toiletries. "Taking family as home" is not just a slogan. They have taken the responsibility of a young department with practical actions.

Where does this strength come from?

"When I think of tens of millions of retired soldiers behind us, my heart is filled with a sense of urgency and responsibility." The most impressed by the accompanying officers is the face full of expectation in the reception room. After the establishment of the Ministry, many retired servicemen who come to reflect the problem every day. They should not only record the situation in detail, arrange the conversation step by step, but also shoulder the obligation to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the veterans and the preferential treatment.

"Think of it a day earlier, and all soldiers will be respected for life." When reporters learned that the new Department was formed, journalists were full of emotion. After exploring the Department of Veterans Affairs, people feel the fervent enthusiasm of the people here. This expectation is more and more true.

At the time of the parting, the Ministry staff told reporters that a large number of policies were working on the report. They were launching the final attack, and some substantive measures would be gradually introduced.

Out of the door, the sun sprinkled. The path ahead of the Veterans Affairs Office is golden, like countless expectations, and looks like a splendid medal.


Review of the important nodes of the Veterans Affairs Department

We take "veterans" back to the "Maiden"!

March 13th

Reform program of the State Council

Newly formed Department of Veterans Affairs

The reform plan of the State Council was submitted to the thirteen session of the National People's Congress for consideration. In accordance with the scheme, after the reform, the State Council has reduced 8 positive ministries and 7 sub ministerial institutions, and 26 departments have been set up by the State Council in addition to the general office of the State Council. The plan makes it clear that the State Council will set up the newly established Veterans Affairs Department, which will resettlement duties of the retired military personnel of the Ministry of civil affairs, the transfer of officers from the Ministry of human affairs, and the integration of the responsibilities of the political and Logistics Department of the Central Military Commission and the Department of military affairs, as a department of the State Council.

March 19th

Sun Shaocheng was nominated as Minister of Veterans Affairs.

On the morning of March 19th, according to the constitution, Premier Li Keqiang nominated Sun Shaocheng as Minister of Veterans Affairs. The thirteen session of the National People's Congress will be voted on according to the nomination. Sun Shaocheng is currently a member of the nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and secretary and Deputy Minister of the party and group of the Ministry of land and resources.

April 4th

Appointment of Qian Feng and Fang Yongxiang (concurrently)

Deputy Minister of the Department of Veterans Affairs

The State Council shall appoint and remove the state staff. Qian Feng was appointed Vice Minister of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Fang Yongxiang served as vice minister of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

April 16th

Retired military affairs department

On the morning of April 16th, the Department of Veterans Affairs was officially launched in Beijing. Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the ceremony and the inaugural meeting 16 days ago. Miao Hua, member of the Central Military Commission and director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, attended the related activities.

May 3rd

Office of veterans affairs announces office address and other information

According to deepening the reform plan of the party and state organs, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs has been formally established recently. In order to implement the requirements of information disclosure, information about office addresses is published.

Office address: B, C, Jinyuan Building, 36 Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Zip code: 100012

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Main duties of the Department of Veterans Affairs

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of military military personnel, strengthen the construction of service guarantee system for retired servicemen, establish and improve the management and security system of the retired servicemen with a clear centralized and clear duty, and make the servicemen the professions respected by the whole society, resettlement the duties of the veterans of the Ministry of civil affairs, and the transfer of the officers of the Ministry of human resources and social security. The responsibilities of resettlement, the integration of responsibilities of the political work department and the logistics support department of the Central Military Commission, and the establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs, as a constituent Department of the State Council.

Main responsibilities:

To formulate policies and regulations for the ideological and political management of retired servicemen and organize their implementation.

Praise shows the demeanor and value orientation of the Veterans' sacrifice and dedication for the party, the state and the people.

Responsible for the transfer and resettlement of army cadres, demobilized cadres, retired cadres and retired soldiers, and the service management and treatment guarantee of independent veterans.

We will organize education and training for ex servicemen, preferential treatment and pensions.

Directing national support and superior work;

Responsible for martyrs and veterans honorary awards, military cemetery maintenance and commemorative activities.

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