Children take the dish to see "sky eye" was criticized ignorant of them.

Children take the dish to see

Original title: children with dishes to see "heaven eye" was ignorant, really wrong with them.

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Yesterday, a group of pupils visiting the sky eye burned.

When visiting the "sky eye", the children brought green vegetables.

Netizens were laughing at each other, and Guan Wei took the opportunity to "educate and entertaining" a group of people.

However, a lot of netizens are serious.

Is it true that the little friend is ignorant? In fact, everyone is wrong.

Photo photographers explain: Children's vegetables are used to feed snails.

Official micro also forwarded this micro-blog:

Should everyone be relieved?

In fact, for children, interest is the best teacher. Knowledge achievements need to be respected, but the "sky eye" as "pot" interpretation, let the children happy to start, so that more people have some understanding of the profound knowledge, is not also good?

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