The central environmental inspector killed a "back gun" interview and questioned more than 7000 people.

The central environmental inspector killed a

Original title: 10 provinces and regions to carry out "look back", interviews and accountability of more than 7000 people

The central environmental inspector killed a "back gun" (green focus).

A million tons of steel slag from Shagang Group in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, abandoned the Yangtze River and threatened the ecological safety of water. A batch of "scattered pollution" small smelting enterprises in Qinzhou, Guangxi, are still in illegal production. The relevant departments of the autonomous region have completed the rectification, and the 33 tickets are difficult to prevent the illegal sewage discharge from the Xinyi Coal Mine of Luoyang, Henan. Recently, the Central Environmental Supervision Group has carried out "look back" inspectors in 10 provinces, such as Hebei and Henan, and open a number of problems such as "surface rectification", "pretending rectification" and "perfunctory rectification".

In the bulletin of the Inspectorate group, the wording of "wording", "shocking", "shielding and connivance" was frequently used.

Since the end of 2015, the Central Environmental Supervision Group has used less than two years to carry out a full coverage of the ecological environment problems in the 31 provinces and regions of the country, and a group of ecological environmental problems that are difficult to solve for a long time have been solved. Why do we look at so many problems this time? How to supervise these problems to be put in place? What is the inspiration of "looking back" to the future environmental inspectors? The reporter has been interviewed on these issues recently.

Many problems such as "surface rectification", "disguised rectification", "perfunctory rectification" and so on are revealed in "looking back".

In June 5th, the central environmental supervision group was admitted to Jiangsu on the same day, and received a report from the masses: China's fine chemical (Taixing) development park landfills chemical waste on the Bank of the Yangtze River and covers the soil. This problem was handed over as early as the first round of environmental inspection teams in Jiangsu in July 2016.

Then, "look back" Inspector group on-site inspectors found that the city of Taixing to deal with the issue perfunctory, landfills on the Bank of the Yangtze River, including a large number of hazardous waste, including more than 30 thousand cubic meters of chemical waste silk unmoved, that is to complete rectification, to the surrounding environment and the Yangtze River water environment security poses a serious threat.

The person in charge of the State Environmental Protection Inspector's office told reporters that in the past two years, Taixing had no substantive rectification measures, knowing that there was a lot of illegal burial of chemical waste, but it was indifferent, knowing that the soil and groundwater had been contaminated, but that the supervision group was concealed, and the disregard for the rectification was shocking. Frightened. At present, the inspection team is taking an in-depth investigation of the evidence and urging the local to make scientific plans to clean up as soon as possible and minimize environmental pollution as far as possible.

Many similar problems such as "perfunctory rectification" have been revealed in this "look back". As of July 7th, all the inspectors had completed the work, and 37090 cases were transferred to the local area. There were 28076 local cases, of which 22561 were ordered, 5709 were punished by the case, 511 million yuan, 405, 464, 2819, 4305, more than 50 "surface rectification", and more than 50 "pretending to be pretended". "Rectification", "perfunctory rectification" and other typical problems, continue to transmit the pressure of inspectors and push forward the transformation of local governments. The leading cadres of Henan provincial government and Hebei provincial government, the mayor of Yinchuan city of Ningxia and the Secretary of the Qinzhou municipal Party committee of Guangxi, and so on, were interviewed by the supervision group, among which there were no lack of the top leaders of the party and government.

"If the first round of central environmental supervision is regarded as a comprehensive physical examination and treatment for local Party committees, government and enterprises, the 'look back' is a 'review' after" looking for medicine. " Liu Changgen, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Office, said, "look back" to adhere to the problem - oriented, and further focus on the first round of the supervision feedback problem rectification, see whether the problems found at that time have been resolved, the commitments made under the supervision are not fulfilled, focusing on the problem of supervision and rectification, and the environmental problems are "kept on". A stare at the end. "Looking back" shows the attitude and determination of the Central Committee. It is not allowed to play a half careless role in environmental protection, which concerns the fundamental issues of national economy and people's livelihood.

Li Zuojun, deputy director of the resources and Environmental Policy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, said that the central environmental supervision inspectors "look back" mainly aimed at the problems that have not been really solved, the difficulty is relatively large, and the areas of the ecological environment protection are relatively weak, and the pertinence is very strong and the strength is very big.

Liu Changgen said, from the "look back" situation, the first round of supervision results obvious, inspectors pointed out that most of the problems have been rectify, or are advancing the solution, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other areas of sewage pipe network construction debt serious problems such as serious environmental problems rectification achieved obvious results, local Party Committee and the government environmental protection responsibility The sense of appointment is greatly improved. However, the problems of formalism and bureaucracy in the process of supervision and rectification, "surface rectification", "pretending rectification" and "perfunctory rectification" are still very common.

In the process of inspecting, we issued typical cases, conducting pressure, compacting responsibilities and promoting rectification.

"Look back" found a lot of "surface rectification", "pretending rectification" and "perfunctory rectification" and other issues, which reflects the related areas in the ecological environment protection of the inaction, not to play.

"The reason behind the analysis is that the responsibility for environmental protection is not in place." Liu Changgen said that in some places, leading cadres do not act or act slowly, playing their own "small abacus" in dealing with the relationship between development and protection. In some places, leading cadres do not play and do not fight hard. Slogans shout loudly, but no one really implements them. Without inspection, supervision, accountability and accountability, the rectification task will be suspended in the air and will not fall. Of course, in some places, the basic ability is weak. It is necessary to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to solve certain problems.

The purpose of the central environmental protection inspector is to carry out environmental protection through the party, government and governor, and to strengthen the environmental protection "party and government responsibility" and "one duty and two responsibilities". Unlike the first round of inspectors, "look back" in the process of Supervision issued a typical case.

"All the typical issues released will be released by the Inspectorate team after being verified and audited, and will be known only after the press release." Liu Changgen said that the typical problem of exposure has become a deterrent, and local officials are unable to sit still. Other places are also very concerned. This time, there are no provinces that "look back". The relevant cases will be aggregated into a volume. This will bring immediate effect to further conduction pressure, compaction responsibility and promotion of rectification. Some old problems can be effectively solved.

In June 1st, the Inspectorate publicly exposed the Ningxia Teri pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd malodor nuisance problem. In the past 15 years, the masses have complained about this problem continuously, but they have not been effectively solved. On the day of "looking back", a large number of people were reported. In June 22nd, the inspection team found the problem and made public exposure, caused a great shock to the local party and prompted the local Party committee and the government to resolve the problem of pollution. In June 22nd, the company announced a plan to complete a comprehensive shutdown and the implementation of the relocation. The problems that have plagued the surrounding people for many years are expected to be thoroughly solved.

"In recent years, the central and local governments have made great efforts in environmental protection and made significant progress. However, in accordance with the high standards and strict requirements of pollution prevention and control, many places, many departments and many enterprises still have some problems to be solved. Li Zuojun said that in order to get a thorough solution to the problem of environmental protection, we must improve the institutional mechanism, such as establishing and perfecting the property rights system of natural resources, the market mechanism of the resource and environment, the incentive and constraint mechanism of the ecological environment protection, etc. Even if some environmental problems are solved for the time being, there will be a rebound, or to press the gourd and float a ladle. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, we must establish a perfect long-term mechanism. To carry out central environmental inspectors and "look back" is to speed up solving these problems.

We will further improve the way of supervision, and further touch on deep-seated problems, forcing the development of high quality economy.

"Look back" there is a major innovation, in accordance with the decision of the Central Committee of the party and the State Council on making a good fight against pollution prevention and control, and aiming at the seven landmark campaigns and other key areas of pollution prevention and control, combined with the specific circumstances of the provinces inspected, 1 special supervision and supervision on the environmental protection of each province in the same province, and the unification of the provinces. The implementation of supervision, unified report feedback, separate transfer transfer. This further strengthened the deterrent effect, compacted the responsibility of environmental protection, and forced the rectification and implementation to provide a powerful support for the fight against pollution control.

With "looking back" as an opportunity, many provincial environmental inspectors have been launched. Since June 20th, Hunan has carried out provincial environmental protection inspectors in 14 cities and districts and some key counties, so as to achieve full coverage of provincial environmental protection inspectors.

Li Zuojun suggested that provincial environmental inspectors should refer to the central environmental protection inspector's procedures. Of course, the situation in every place is different, the resource endowment, the industrial structure and so on, the task pressure is different. At the same time, we should combine the local practice, more self selected actions, more innovative measures, and further promote the supervision work.

The national ecological environmental protection conference, which was held shortly before, pointed out: "at present, the construction of ecological civilization is in the key period of pressure superposition and heavy load. It has entered the period of providing more quality ecological products to meet the needs of the growing beautiful ecological environment of the people, and also has the ability to solve the protruding ecology. The window period of the environmental problem. " The central environmental supervision inspectors should not only undertake the task of solving the problems of environmental problems and improving the quality of the environment, but also one of the next key work to promote the development of the high quality of the economy. Li Zuojun believes that the focus of the work is to solve the problems of the environment, improve the quality of the environment, and expand to the development of the high quality of the economy, which is the embodiment of the deep development of the central environmental supervision. High quality development emphasizes economic development and ecological environmental protection. It is logical for environmental inspectors to promote the development of high quality economy.

"The first round of inspection can be seen as a stress test, which shows that the impact of environmental protection on the economy is acceptable and the win-win of the environment and the economy." Wu Shunze, director of the environmental and economic policy research center of the Ministry of ecological environment, said that the second round of inspectors will be aimed at the areas where the work is lagging behind, the rectify and rectification are ineffective, the environmental quality is obviously reduced, the blue sky defense war, the "water ten" and the "soil ten" are not progresses, and the deep level questions are touched more, forcing the economy to develop high quality.

Li Zuojun suggested that the way of supervision should be further improved. At the same time, it should be standardized and procedural, relying more on the means of the rule of law, giving more stability to all aspects, avoiding too much reliance on administrative means, ensuring fair and open and fair, and forming a more powerful environment for environmental protection.

"In the second half of this year, the central environmental inspection team will organize the second batch of" look back "to complete the first round of inspectors'" look back "work. Liu Changgen said that from 2019, the central environmental inspection team will spend 3 years to complete the second round of inspectors for all provinces and municipalities in the country. The relevant departments of the State Council responsible for the protection of the important ecological environment and the relevant central management groups engaged in the industry and industry which have a greater impact on the ecological environment will be included in the second round of supervision and overall arrangement.

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