Parents push children to throw a porcelain skull fracture, and two people are not released.

Parents push children to throw a porcelain skull fracture, and two people are not released.

Original title: "parents forced children to throw a porcelain to cause a fracture, but not let go".

Last October, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, South Railway Station

14 year old young Jin from Fu Long Town, Yibin County

His parents repeatedly coercion him to jump after a car to defraud money.

At last the victim knows

The police stopped their parents, and Xiaojin was successfully rescued.

It is understood that

Xiaojin was forced to fall by his father Luo Mouyong and his mother, Liu Moufen.

Even after the small gold was broken to the skull fracture

They still haven't passed small gold

And forced Xiao Jin to seize the chance and throw it several times.

The crime of fraud was set up, and the cruel parents were sentenced to punishment

The people's Procuratorate of Yinzhou District, Ningbo, accuses:

The accused Luo Mouyong, Liu Moufen to cheat other people's property, after consulting in advance, many times with his son Xiao Jin, daughter Xiaomei together to ride a tricycle, in the course of riding a tricycle, he forced his son small gold jump. In the way of Xiao Jin pretending to be hurt by a tricycle, the three wheel owners Chen Maotou and others spent money totaling RMB 15200 yuan.

The procuratorate accused small gold parents of 6 crimes of fraud. The maximum amount of fraud was 3600 yuan (2 times), and the least one was only 700 yuan. The crime was concentrated in Taizhou and Ningbo, Zhejiang.

The victims they target are old people or handicapped people who are living on a tricycle. Their family economic conditions are not ample and their legal consciousness is relatively indifferent.

In October 28, 2017, 15 hours, the defendant Luo Mouyong, Liu Moufen again with his son Xiao Jin to Ningbo City railway station to take the victim Zheng's tricycle, vehicles driving to Ningbo Yinzhou District New River road waterworks near, Xiao Jin jumped after the tricycle injured.

Luo Mouyong and Liu Moufen demanded zhengmou to lose money, and they were identified by Zheng. Liu Moufen was sent to the public security organ. On the same day, he was summoned to the Yinzhou District Public Security Bureau, fuming police station, where he was investigated and arrested.

It is understood that the defendant Luo Mouyong, Liu Moufen after the compensation of the victims Wu Xiancong, Wu Xiaowu, Chen Maotou, Chen Lieming RMB 700 yuan, 800 yuan, 2000 yuan and 2000 yuan, thus obtaining the understanding of the victims. Xiao Jin and his sister were arranged by the Yinzhou police to a school in Linghai City, where they were properly taken care of by the school.

Xiaojin once told reporters that every time porcelain was forced by his parents, he had thought about reporting his parents, but he could not bear it.

In March 20th of this year, the people's court in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, decided that Liu Moufen and Luo Mouyong had illegal possession for the purpose of hiding the truth method to cheat other people's property. The amount of the crime was large, and the public prosecution organ accused the crime.

Court decision: the defendant, Liu Moufen, committed a crime of fraud, sentenced to one year of imprisonment, probation for one year and six months, and penalized 5000 yuan; the defendant Luo Mouyong committed fraud, sentenced to one year of a term, and penalized 5000 yuan.

Deprivation of guardianship, small gold escapes the magic palm

Xiao Jin told reporters that he felt hurt when his parents forced himself to throw a porcelain.

Xiao Jin said that during the process of touching porcelain before the incident, he did not stand firm when he jumped down. He really fell down, and the back of his head struck the ground, leading to a fracture of the skull. On the day of the examination results, the doctor asked Xiao Jin to be hospitalized. He could afford to lose money. The man just left. Luo Yong Yong did not let Xiao Jin get out of hospital. Then he spent more than two hundred yuan in the small clinic.

"I couldn't get a headache. I was vomiting all the time." Xiao Jin said, although the head of the case did not hurt and did not vomit, but if you sleep hard pillow, the head will still be painful.

After his parents were caught, Xiao Jin repeatedly claimed that he wanted to escape the "magic palm" that was forced to hit porcelain. He wanted to go back to the old hometown of Fu Long town in Yibin county to study. Even if he went back to grow up with the granny of nearly 80 years old, he did not want to continue with his parents in Zhejiang to cheat the money.

After the incident, because of Liu Moufen's sincere repentance, Xiaojin understood her mother and expressed his willingness to continue to live with her mother, but she did not want to live with her father again.

In February 27th this year, Liu Moufen and Xiaojin jointly applied to the people's Court of Yinzhou District: to withdraw the custody of the applicant Luo Mouyong.

The reason is that Luo has repeatedly forced the small gold hopping car to swindle the owner of the car to cheat the owner of money and money, causing small gold many times to hurt, one of which was after a craniocerebral fracture.

On 20 03 2017, during the application of special procedures in the people's Court of Yinzhou, the applicant, Luo Mouyong, called the applicant Liu Moufen and Xiao Jin to be true, and was willing to revoke the guardianship of the son.

The people's Court of Yinzhou District of Ningbo believes that the application of the applicant to revoke the qualification of the guardian of Luo Mouyong is in accordance with the law. The court declared the final judgment in court: "revoke the qualification of the applicant Luo Mouyong as guardian of small gold."

In many ways, the children regain their confidence

When Xiao Jin was forced to break the porcelain case by his parents, Ningbo, Taizhou and Yibin counties, the case handling organs, government departments and charities, and schools all helped small gold and small America to help them through life difficulties and regain their confidence in life.

According to Lin Xuan, director of the Ningbo Fu Ming police station, he learned about the financial difficulties of the small gold family, and the parents were detained for life, and the police station immediately organized the whole police to donate a donation of 6800 yuan less than a day.

Since then, the police station has applied to the District Office of fuming District of Jingzhou District, and the street office has solved the difficulty of 6000 yuan for the small brothers and sisters. "This time we visited the police station and donated 5000 yuan to the mother of Xiaojin."

Ningbo city Yinzhou District people's Procuratorate, prosecutor Zhu said that the procuratorial organ of the procuratorial department of minors said that the procuratorial organs fully consider the special situation that the small brother and sister need parents to take care of. Only Luo Mouyong is approved and arrested, and she has not approved the arrest of the small gold mother so that she can take care of the child in time. Since then, the psychological intervention expert of the procuratorate has carried out psychological evaluation on Xiaojin and conducted psychological counseling.

Mr. Jiang, the principal of a school in Lin Hai City, told reporters that the Taizhou charitable Association donated 1000 yuan per person to small gold brothers and sisters, and the school was exempt from the tuition fee of 2200 yuan per semester for small gold and small beauty per person, and more than 5000 yuan per year.

At the same time, the school also bought books and schoolbags for Xiaojin elder sister. At present, two children live in peace, and their learning and life are guaranteed.

The journalist from Yibin County, the golden old family, knew that the old mother Luo was 78 years old who knew his son's criminal offenses and sentencing. The spirit and body were not too big. She was most concerned with the Sun Tzu.

Xiao Jin told reporters that although his grades were not good, he would still work hard to help his mother do something she could do to protect her sister from harm.

News review

Cruel parents forced their son to fall across the porcelain. After falling down, he continued to commit a crime while he was not ready.

His own parents forced Ronaldinho to throw a porcelain into the country. It has committed more than 10 crimes in the past year and spread throughout Ningbo and Taizhou.

Angrily, when Xiao Luo was hurt by a porcelain skull, the hard hearted parents had to make a great effort and took advantage of his frenzy while his injury was not good.

Source: Chengdu commercial newspaper

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