Beijing convened a meeting of thousands of people Cai Qi: speeding up the construction of the beautiful Beijing.

Beijing convened a meeting of thousands of people Cai Qi: speeding up the construction of the beautiful Beijing.

Original title: Beijing convened a thousand people's Congress, Cai Qi asked: accelerate the construction of beautiful Beijing, pure land, clean land and green.

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Wang Hao Chen Tao photographer Jia Tongjun

Yesterday morning, the Beijing ecological environment protection conference was held in Beijing Convention Center. Cai Qi, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, stressed that the construction of ecological civilization in Beijing concerns the image of the state and capital, the quality of the city and the well-being of the people. We should adhere to the guideline of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, carry out the spirit of the national ecological environment protection conference, firmly believe, be brave to play the role of the pollution prevention and control, strengthen the construction of the ecological civilization in the capital, and speed up the construction of the beautiful Beijing with "sky blue, water clear, earth net and green". The Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Chen Jining, the mayor of the city, presided over the meeting. Jilin, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, attended.

In his speech, Cai Qi said that since the eighteen Party Congress, the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, has put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas and new strategies, as the important content of the overall layout of the "five in one" and "four comprehensive" strategic layout. Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought is an important part of the socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping. It is the action guide to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and protect the ecological environment in the new era. General secretary Xi Jinping was very concerned about the ecological environment of Beijing, and made important instructions many times. All these have pointed out the direction for promoting the construction of ecological civilization and solving the problems of ecological environment in the capital. It has provided fundamental compliance, and should conscientiously carry out and implement it, and promote Xi Jinping's ecological civilization to take root in the earth of JINGWAH and form a vivid practice.

Cai Qi stressed

More forceful measures should be taken to fight hard to fight pollution. We should resolutely win the battle against the blue sky, focus on the three major pollution sources of motor vehicle, dust and volatile organic matter, focus on the prevention and control of diesel truck pollution, strictly control the quality supervision of oil products and the standard of motor vehicle emission, refine the control measures of the dust, and strengthen the joint control of regional joint defense, one microgram and one microgram to make sure that the air quality is stable. To improve the people's blue sky happiness. We should resolutely fight against the hard water, take the comprehensive treatment of the Yongding River and ecological restoration as the first project for the construction of the water ecological environment, fully implement the four level river length system, vigorously implement the special action of the environmental protection of the drinking water source, and continue to strengthen the remediation of the black odor water body. In the year, the whole city's 141 black and smelly water remediation tasks have been completed in an all-round way. By 2020, the national assessment of 25 surface water transects reached the standard, and the sewerage network of the built-up area and the urban and rural joint area was covered, collected and processed completely. We should resolutely fight clean soil, strictly prohibit the cultivation of edible agricultural products on heavy polluted farmland, strictly prohibit the use of contaminated land for development and construction, strictly pollute the risk management and control of massif, grasp the construction of construction waste treatment facilities, and carry out the action plan for classified disposal of domestic waste. We should conscientiously strengthen the treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution, continue to deepen the agricultural "transfer Festival", and strengthen the treatment and comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste pollution.

Cai Qi stressed

We should make efforts to improve the level of ecological environment protection, overall management of lake and grass system in landscape forest fields, increase the capacity of ecological environment and reduce the emission of pollutants from the source. A new round of new million mu afforestation project will be implemented. The green space in the built-up area will be more green, dismantling and green are more prominent. The plain area should increase green space on large scale. In the shallow mountain area, we should increase the intensity of dismantlement, afforestation and ecological restoration in the shallow mountain area. We should continue to carry out the renovation of the rural residential environment, take the special action of the beautiful rural construction as the grasp, make up the short board of the waste water treatment facilities in the rural areas, grasp the rural toilet revolution, and make the village village in accordance with the local conditions. We should promote green development in an all-round way, strictly implement the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, the upper limit of resource utilization and the hard constraints of the negative list of environmental access, and promote the comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources so as to promote the development of high quality of the economy. We advocate a moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, and guide the public to green consumption and green life, forcing the green transformation of production mode. We should bring the ecological environment into normal management, strengthen safety risk investigation and prevention and control, severely crack down on illegal activities, and safeguard the ecological environment safety of the capital.

Cai Qi stressed

We should conscientiously strengthen the party's leadership in the construction of ecological civilization. Strengthen the implementation of responsibility, promote the formation of the party and the government with the same responsibility, a double duty, the common management of the environmental protection work pattern, resolutely keep the environmental quality "only better, not bad" ecological environmental responsibility red line. We should further deepen the reform of the ecological civilization system, increase financial input and improve the ecological environment governance system. To strengthen the assessment and accountability, take the assessment results of the ecological environment construction as an important basis for the comprehensive evaluation of the leading bodies and leading cadres of all sectors, strictly environmental supervision, and to strengthen the accountability of supervision and enforcement of law. Strengthen the construction of the team, implement the formation of the two level environmental protection comprehensive law enforcement team in the urban area, bring the law enforcement force into the substantive law enforcement platform of the streets and townships, strengthen the construction of the style of work, and create an ecological environment protection army with strong political, high skills, hard work style and dares to bear hardships, especially fighting and giving special energy. We should intensify positive publicity, improve the environmental information disclosure system and mandatory disclosure system, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and promote a good social atmosphere.

Chen Jining's request

The relevant departments and units in various districts should promptly organize and convey the spirit of this conference and Secretary Cai Qi's speech, and make every effort to implement them. We should improve our understanding and further enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and mission to do a good job in ecological environment protection, and unswervingly follow the new road of ecological priority and green development. Strictly implement the responsibility, fully implement the "responsibility of the party and the government, one duty, double duty", refine the actual measures, strengthen the supervision, strengthen the evaluation and evaluation, strictly quantify the accountability, and pay great attention to the implementation of various tasks. Strengthen the enforcement of law enforcement, strengthen institutional supply and mechanism innovation, accelerate the reform of natural ecological regulatory institutions, the reform of the vertical management system for monitoring and supervision of environmental protection institutions in the city, and create an iron army for the protection of the ecological environment, and form a powerful deterrent force by the rigidity and authority of the law. To promote social co governance, to form a large pattern of environmental governance with the leadership of the Party committee, the government leading, the main body of the enterprise and the society as a whole, and continue to carry out the education of ecological civilization and transform the beautiful Beijing into the conscious action of all the citizens.

The municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and Tongzhou District will make further exchanges on the key battle of pollution prevention and control.

The municipal leaders of yin and Jun, Zhang Shuofu, Zhang Yankun, Lin Keqing, Du Feijin, Wei Xiaodong, Cui Shuqiang, Qi Jing, Liu Wei, Hou Junshu, etc. are the Secretary of the Party group of the Municipal People's Procuratorate and the Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Procuratorate. Jin Wei, Secretary General of the government of the city, was present.

The heads of the relevant departments, the main leaders of various towns and townships, and some of the central authorities in Beijing and other major enterprises in charge of municipal management enterprises attended nearly 1000 people.

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What did they say in the conference?

Tan Xuxiang, director of the municipal development and Reform Commission:

The municipal development and Reform Commission actively promoted the integration of ecological environment protection into the overall economic and social development of the city, promoted the implementation of the ecological civilization system reform measures, and worked together with relevant departments to formulate "Beijing ecological civilization construction target evaluation and assessment method" and index system, which aims to give full play to the evaluation and assessment of the ecological environment. The guiding role of the work of civilization construction. We will continue to promote the improvement of non capital functions and the ecological environment, and further develop special actions to eliminate and promote the promotion and promotion, and to demolish about 90 million square meters of illegal construction and to renovate 6286 enterprises of "scattered pollution". Actively promote energy resources saving and efficient use, and actively implement the "double control" mechanism of energy consumption and energy consumption. In 2017, the total energy consumption of the ten thousand yuan region of the city was 0.26 tons of standard coal, ranking first in the provincial area. We should perfect the mechanism of market reduction and emission reduction, successfully complete the performance of the national carbon emission trading pilot work for four years, implement the largest differential electricity price and differential water price in the country, and carry out the pilot of third party governance for environmental pollution.

Fang Li, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau:

Focus on diesel truck, dust, volatile organic matter and other key areas, as well as heavy pollution and other key periods, adhere to the project emission reduction, highlight the management emission reduction, and strengthen emergency emission reduction. The implementation of vehicle emission standards for six countries, screening more problems of vehicles to carry out traceability compliance inspection. At the same time, more measures should be carried out to promote pollution and emission reduction, strictly protect drinking water sources, jointly with relevant departments and districts, to clean up illegal construction in the protected areas, to clamp down direct sewage outlets, to build safety protection projects for water sources, and to ensure the safety of drinking water. Traceability, classification and pollution control, basically solve the problem of direct discharge of industrial wastewater.

Ceng Zanrong, Secretary of the District Committee of Tongzhou:

We will continue to push forward the special action of "thinning and adjusting". This year, we plan to complete the demolition task of 20 million square meters of illegal construction, realize the basic no illegal construction in 155 square kilometers, strengthen the disposal of construction waste, and ensure all the resources in the area. We will further expand the scope of control of heavy duty diesel vehicles, and improve the detection methods more scientifically and accurately, so as to further increase the penalties for exceeding the standard. At the end of this year, the wastewater collection facilities were fully covered, 53 black and stinky water bodies were completely eliminated, and the water of the river and the deodorant river was realized, and the water quality of the North Canal was obviously improved. More active and active contact with Wuqing and Langfang, the establishment of information sharing mechanism and cooperation mechanism, regular research and deployment and promotion of the three air pollution prevention and control work.

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