After 80, the boss shook "true love" to help about 3300000 debt before he was deceived.

After 80, the boss shook

Original title: after 80 boss "shake" to love, help about 3300000 debt "to know deceived"

Modern Express News WeChat shook "to shake" to a girlfriend, the Nanjing citizen Tang (Surname) can be true love. In just half a year, he paid about 3300000 yuan for his girlfriend's loan shark, and later he asked a friend to lend money to help his girlfriend repay her debt. Until his friend reminded him of this strange thing, he gradually came to realize that his girlfriend had evaporated. Recently, the Xuanwu police in Nanjing captured Mr. Tang's girlfriend, Mei Mou and his colleague Zhao, but they had been squandered for about 3300000 yuan.

The poor girlfriend of WeChat shook up and owed money to usury.

Mr. Tang, 35, opened a training company in Nanjing. In January this year, Mr. Tang learned a nickname "Xin Lei" by WeChat's "shake" function. The two men talked to each other several times before meeting the next line. Mr. Tang felt very close to each other, so he established the relationship between men and women and began formal communication.

Modern Express reporter learned that "heart bud" claimed to be surnamed Mei, 33 years old. She told Mr. Tang that she had opened a wedding photo studio in Shanghai with her ex boyfriend. As a guarantor for her ex boyfriend, she has been carrying a loan of 400 thousand yuan since then. In order to help her repay the money, her friend Zhao also carried 600 thousand yuan usury and two people were harassed by the debt service personnel.

Mei hopes that Mr. Tang can lend her some money to tide over the difficulties. "Let's first repay the usury and then make money to repay you." Meh said it honestly. For his girlfriend, Mr. Tang is very sympathetic and thoughts of his friend Zhao's help, from the end of February this year, 11 times to Mei and Zhao transfer 1 million 400 thousand yuan to help two people to pay debts.

"Debt" has become a bottomless pit, and the gang still has about 3300000 holes.

In April of this year, Mei told Mr. Tang that Zhao, in order to repay his money, proposed to divorce his wife and sell the house. The result was seriously injured by his uncle and badly in need of medical expenses. If Mr. Tang can lend him some money again, when Zhao is injured, he will return the selling of his house and medical insurance reimbursement to Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang once again listened to the letter, and transferred more than 170 yuan to Zhao.

In early June, Mr. Tang suddenly lost contact with his girlfriend Mei Mou, so he contacted Zhao. Modern Express reporter learned that Zhao told Mr. Tang that Mei Mou was in debt due to his business and was prosecuted by a small loan company, temporarily detained in a police station in Henan. If Mei Mou is to be "pulled out", it is necessary to repay the money of the small loan company. To this end, Mr. Tang handed over his last 20 yuan to Zhao, and asked him to "rescue" Mei Mou.

However, after the transfer of 200 thousand yuan, Zhao also continued to ask Mr. Tang for money because he was detained by the police because of his debts. Mr. Tang had no money at this time and could only borrow money from his friends. A friend listened to Mr. Tang's reasons for borrowing and found it strange. He advised him to call the police to find out.

Two the swindler has been arrested, and about 3300000 has been squandered.

In June 28th, Mr. Tang came to Nanjing Xinjiekou police station to report. According to the situation reflected by Mr. Tang, the police immediately launched an investigation and found that Mei Mou and Zhao were hiding in Bengbu, Anhui.

In July 3rd, the police went to Bengbu, Anhui for further investigation. Under the assistance of local public security organs, in July 6th, the police found the suspect Mei Mou was ready to escape to the field, so he was arrested at the BengBu Railway Station. According to their account of the situation, in the afternoon, the police arrested Zhao again.

After investigation, Mei Mou is 33 years old this year, Henan people, Zhao is 34 years old, Anhui people, two people are lovers. "They have been living together for a long time. Zhao Mouyou has a gambling hobby and owes a lot of gambling debts." Wang Jianyu, the police of the case, told the reporter of the modern express. At the beginning of this year, when Mei knew Mr. Tang on the Internet, Mr. Tang found that Mr. Tang liked himself and had a good economic condition. So he and Zhao made various lies to cheat money from Mr. Tang. 26 times before and after, they cheated over 337 yuan from Mr. Tang to spend and repay debts.

At present, the suspect Zhao and Mei Mou have been detained by the police according to law for suspected fraud. The case is under further investigation.

Source: Modern Express

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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