Foreign media commentary on China's future carrier based aircraft: the size of fighter 20 is too large and FC31 technology is not mature.

Foreign media commentary on China's future carrier based aircraft: the size of fighter 20 is too large and FC31 technology is not mature.

In recent years, news about China's development of an alternative carrier for aircraft annihilate -15 has been transmitted in the media, while annihilate -31 has become a popular candidate.

The "Uighur Eagle" or the annihilate -20? Who is the carrier aircraft carrier

The news that China is speeding up the carrier aircraft carrier plan is not news. Although the force of the main carrier fighter -15 of the Chinese aircraft carrier is not vulgar, it is after all third generation of fighters. With the delivery of Shipborne F-35C (currently delivered 28), China is becoming more and more urgent to upgrade aircraft carrier aircraft.

Which fighter will become China's future carrier aircraft carrier? First of all, the -20 is the most mature fourth generation fighters in China, but there are foreign media that, after all, it is a type of heavy fighter, and the size of the ship may be inconvenient.

Photo: China's FC-31 (annihilate -31) stealth fighter at the Zhuhai air show 2016.

It is worth noting that in July 2017, the chief of staff of the Pakistan Air Force announced the development of the four generation aircraft. According to Pakistan media reports, Pakistan and Chengfei have a pleasant and successful cooperation in the development of the "Owl" fighter. The Pakistan air force is very interested in making further progress with Chengfei in the 5 generation aircraft project. Analysts believe that Pakistan may wish to use the mature technology of the J -20 to cooperate with Chengfei to develop a medium-sized "-20", a medium-sized and cheaper version of the technical index. If such cooperation can be realized, it is also feasible to develop a stealth ship based Fighter Based on the new medium machine.

In the recent speculation of foreign media, the medium-sized fighter "Eagle Hawk" is also often mentioned. As a medium machine developed according to the requirements of the fourth generation fighter, it has the potential to develop into a carrier based aircraft in terms of its shape and weight. However, according to the previously reported news, the fighter -31 is still using the Russian engine, and the prototype is only two, from the maturity of nature far less than the service of the fighters of the j 20. In this regard, the foreign media commented that the "Uighur Eagle" should be further improved, at least to a certain degree of mass production, to get rid of the "prototype" stage, it is possible to talk about the emergence of the ship - borne version.

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