It is also a powerful Western power. What is the target of the China Telecom tycoon?

It is also a powerful Western power. What is the target of the China Telecom tycoon?

It is also a great power in the West. What is the "target" of the China Telecom tycoon?


Core hints: scholars say we need to be vigilant about western countries' attacks, blackened China Telecom companies and industries, and the "spillover" effect of "stigma", which not only causes China Telecom manufacturers to carry out business in individual western countries, but may also lead to China Telecom vendors in some developing countries. A similar situation is even more restrictive.

Reference News Network reported on July 14th recently, China Telecom giants in western countries to carry out normal business has been discredited. After being used as a target in the United States, he was recently excluded from Australia.

Reuters 12 Daily said the Pacific countries Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands signed a joint project on an underwater Internet optical cable joint project on 11 days. The project, mainly funded by Australia, aims to prevent a China Telecom manufacturer's plan to build its own cable.

Western media have noted that over the years, Western intelligence agencies have expressed concern about the relationship between China Telecom and the Chinese government. But there is no open evidence to support these suspicions. Although China Telecom manufacturers have promised that Canberra will have full regulatory authority on network equipment - the regulatory model has been accepted by other countries - but two Australian government sources say that the Australian intelligence agency told members of the country that regulation would not ease their concerns.

Australia's vigilance against China Telecom is no longer the first time. Talking about the reasons, Li Zheng, a scholar of the China Institute of modern international relations, analyses the reference news network, and the national infrastructure network project of the China Telecom is one of the important strategic infrastructure in Australia. Australia and other western countries are squeezing out China Telecom firms based on multiple considerations. From the political level, some western countries have long been wearing "color glasses" to see China Telecom enterprises, and they think that China Telecom manufacturers have other intentions in addition to the commercial accidents on the surface.

Nevertheless, there is public opinion that only in the western market will it be more conducive to western countries' trust in China Telecom.

At the specific level of operation, the scholars suggest that when China Telecom manufacturers carry out business in western developed countries, they can take more "bundles" with western enterprises. As one of the participants, they can participate in the western market through a more flexible way, and gradually change the western countries to the China Telecom industry. Know. (finish)

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