Shanghai 4 private real controller lost contact behind the same phantom.

Shanghai 4 private real controller lost contact behind the same phantom.

Original title: Shanghai 4 private real controller lost contact! Involving hundreds of products, behind the same phantom.

In July 13th, China Securities Investment Fund Association announced that Shanghai Yitong wealth Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Yitong wealth), Shanghai Xi Shang Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Si Shang), Shanghai Yu Tai Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Yitai investment) and the easy wealth assets assets Since the actual controller of 4 private fund managers, such as management limited company (hereinafter referred to as "easy money and bank wealth"), has lost connection with the actual controller of private fund managers, the management interruption of private fund managers seriously disrupts the order of private fund industry and has a significant impact on the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter found that the 4 private real control people behind the loss of the union, not only involving more than 100 private products, but can not leave a figure - Shanghai Fuxing financial holding (Group) Limited company (hereinafter referred to as Fuxing Group).

Behind the 4 private placement of Fuxing Group

The national enterprise credit information public display system shows that the shareholders of Yilong wealth are Zhao Liang and Shanghai source Cen Investment Co., and the shareholders of Shanghai source Cen Investment Co., Ltd. are Fuxing Group.

In June 27th, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter had come to the BEA Building, No. 66, Shanghai garden Shiqiao Road, according to the address of Yilong's fortune official network. The security guard told the reporter that the 701~708 room had been sealed. Subsequently, the reporter came to the contact address of Fuxing Group, the 26 floor of No. 168 Shanghai Huangpu District lakeside road building, and found that the whole floor of the floor was the office of Yilong wealth.

At the scene, the reporter saw that Yilong fortune 26 storey office had no office, and the entire office building only left all kinds of debris on the desk.

Ji Cong, a legal representative of Xi Shang investment, was assistant to President of Fuxing Group in May June 2011 ~2016. In addition, Si Shang investment and Fuxing Group have all participated in the Hangzhou Shanghai investment investment partnership (limited partnership) and the Yiwu Small Commodity City Fuxing Investment Center (limited partnership).

Another look at the investment of Yu Tai is also closely related to Fuxing Group. Yu Tai investment is also a shareholder of Zhao Liang, the company's legal representative Zhu Chengshuai, in September 2012 ~2015 July, served as assistant president of Fuxing Group.

The survey data show that there are up to 4 partnerships between Yu Tai Investment and Fuxing Group, respectively, Shanghai Shu Xing enterprise management consulting partnership (limited partnership), Xiangtan central Katsu culture industry private equity fund enterprise (limited partnership), Xinyu Tong Hong investment center (limited partnership) and ring the Yellow Sea Nantong Industrial Fund Investment Center (limited partnership).

In addition to these 3, there is also wealth and wealth. Its controlling shareholder is directly the Fuxing Group. It can be seen that the private placement of the 4 real controllers is behind the shadow of Fuxing Group.

According to Fuxing Group's official website, the company has a combination of commercial real estate, asset management, finance, rare metals and trade, with nearly a hundred subsidiaries and branches, as well as thousands of employees. By the end of 2017, the total assets management of the group exceeded 35 billion yuan.

More than 100 private products

It is also worth noting that the association mentioned that the interruption of the operation of the 4 private businesses has a major impact on the legitimate rights and interests of investors. So how many products do these 4 private companies have? The record information shows that

There are 21 private products under Italy's fortune.


There are 57 private products under Si Shang's investment.


After the implementation of the interim measures, there are more than 77 private equity products.


Yi Cai Xing's wealth has the smallest number of products, with only 2 products.

In these products, the daily economic news (nbdnews) reporters note that many products are in agreement, only through a multi - stage collection, such as the "Yitong rare earth industry merger fund" under Italy's wealth, with up to seven periods.

After the loss of the arrangement, the Association announced that the trusteeship bank has taken measures such as temporary stop payment and freezing account, in order to maintain the security of fund account funds. The investors who record private equity funds can be registered in the manner published by the trusteeship bank and provide material information such as fund contracts, payment vouchers and identity certificates.


At the same time, the association said it would actively coordinate various forces and continue to promote the handling of risk events in accordance with the law. During this period, the association supports investors and trusteeship banks, according to the rights given by the fund law and the fund contract, to take the protection of the fund property and civil liability.

After the association announcement, the reporter found that Yilong fortune 13 evening announced that it would strictly follow the content of the association's bulletin to deal with the relevant matters, actively cooperate with investors to register the trusteeship bank, and assist the trusteeship bank to convene the fund share holders' meeting and the preservation of the fund property. Investors' rights and interests may be maintained together.

Attachment: the trustee bank's contact mode announced by the China Foundation



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