Two of US launched 055 days ago, shocked Brazil netizens and heated debate on China's strength.

Two of US launched 055 days ago, shocked Brazil netizens and heated debate on China's strength.

According to the "Brazil Navy network" reported in July 3rd, in July 3rd local time, China's Dalian shipyard launched two 10000 ton type 055 destroyers at the same time, which indicates that China is speeding up the construction of the 055 major drive. In addition, the 1 and 2 ships of the 055 major flooding were built in Shanghai.

The 055 destroyer is the most powerful naval vessel of China, equipped with a large number of vertical system, 130 millimeter main gun, 30 millimeter near anti artillery, red flag -10 process antiaircraft missile, bait launcher and torpedo. In addition, it will also be equipped with a hawk -18A anti ship missile, a red flag -9B anti air missile and a fish -8A antisubmarine missile.

In the news of China's two 055 major flooding, Brazil's netizens are obviously very concerned. In many of the following discussions, a considerable number of them are positive, and some netizens think "compare the 055 and the Burke class destroyer or the tyre cruiser and the Jim Walter class destroyer." Well, the warship of China is beautiful. " Others are amazed at the "impressive speed" made in China. "China has enough capacity to produce high quality products."

Brazil netizen said: "it is twenty-first Century, China has advanced space technology, supercomputer, Lenovo, HUAWEI, millet and other high-tech companies, I have a good sense of them, and whether you would like it or not, that is the reality." Other netizens in Brazil are deeply impressed by China's shipbuilding ability. Frankly, "China is building more than 98% of the world's warships and weapons. We can never make ships like Chinese warships in Brazil. "

The other Brazil netizens are clearly "China China", and choose from the ancient Chinese philosophical analysis to show that "the people who write the art of war of Sun Tzu" will not appear to be ineffective in the modern sea war. In the course of the war, the philosophical thought of the Chinese people's war had an important component, and this philosophy defeated the army of Hitler, which was technically more advanced than the Russians. "

In addition, a small number of Brazil Internet users are obviously "acid", believing that China's advanced warships can not be separated from the "reverse engineering" of the west, and do not believe that Chinese warships can be compared with the United States in the fields of "engine, helicopter, crew quality," and so on, in the impression of these netizens, China Manufacturing is a poor imitation of poor quality materials, and can only be won by quantity rather than quality. But it is clear that the Brazil army fans are also clear, and disagree with the biased opinion of this kind of spectacles that "China's shipbuilding industry will not use unreliable technology to build a defective warship".

Brazil netizens also have a relatively calm view: "the 055 stage is beautiful, strong firepower, and should be equivalent to cruisers. From now on, the Chinese navy will surpass the US Navy in 10 years. But it is not enough to have strong battleships and submarines, and more importantly, theory and experience. Although China has the money and the speed of making ships, the United States has a capital that China cannot buy: extremely rich battle experience, decades of knowledge of conflict and the lessons of the actual operation of American war machines. In a word, in a very, very long time, Chinese ships still have difficulty in looking back at the US.

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