Henan is a household name. Now the stars are singing.

Henan is a household name. Now the stars are singing.

Original title: Henan is a household name. Now the stars are singing.

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When it comes to the Henan Henan opera, the Central Plains can be hummed by men, women, old people and young people. As a creative example of drama art, Chaoyang Gou has been an eternal classic in the past sixty years since its creation in 1958. In the evening of July 9th, the "eternal Chaoyang", which was jointly deduced by the cross boundary celebrities and the old artists, was singing in the No. 8 studio of Henan TV station, paying tribute to the reform and opening up 40th anniversary and the creation of Chaoyang gully 60th anniversary. This performance has created many historic moments, so that audiences can truly feel the lasting charm of this classic drama.

To the audience's surprise, the famous tenor singer, Yan Weiwen, joined in the sixth games, singing the classic "I am resolutely working in the countryside for one hundred years" in the sixth games, and the audience gave a warm applause and cheering. The full flavor of the dialogue is also praised by the audience: "Yan teacher's Henan dialect can be medium!" Yan Weiwen's wonderful performance became the highlight of the performance. (wonderful video appended)

Participating in the "forever Chaoyang ditch" is also a "Henan fellow townsman". CCTV program host Zhang Zequn plays the role of Chai Bao in the second play. He said, "singing in the Chaoyang Valley is a dream I had in my childhood. I love literature and art since I was a child. When I was in primary school in Zhengzhou, the two regiment of Henan opera was near my home. It had been selected to play a small role in the two regiment, but it was regrettable that the play was not performed at last. Later, I entered the University and entered the presiding industry, but the complex of Henan opera has always been buried in my heart. Zhang Zequn's interpretation of "Chai Bao" for the first time on the stage of his hometown was a dream of childhood, and he also thanked his hometown's parents for their gratitude. (wonderful video appended)

The performance of the three generation of Henan opera, the four generation Chaoyang ditch, was performed on the same stage. The first generation of tethered Niang, tethered insurance, silver ring, silver ring mother and two mother, the famous Henan opera performing artists Gao Jie, Wang Shanpu, Liu Lanfang, Yang Huarui, Wang Cuifen and so on together, the original taste, the elegant style. The picture shows 90 year old Wang Shanpu and 83 year old Liu Lanfang in the rehearsal and performance of "Chaoyang ditch" in the hoeing ninety percent off.

Li Shujian, the famous Henan opera performance artist and the director of Henan Henan Opera Theater, played the old secretary in the third play. Although he had only a few dialogues, he also took part in rehearsal seriously.

Wang Quanzhen, a famous Henan opera performance artist and Secretary of the Party committee of Henan Henan Opera House, sang the important aria in Chaoyang Valley, "people also stay and stay".

The first generation of silver ring, silver ring mother, tethered Niang's actor, the first generation of older generation gathered the stage, and this scene draws many fans full of memories. Sixty years passed, and this scene will become a permanent memory. (wonderful video appended)

Wang Hui, a head of the Henan Henan opera academy, played a Niang in third games, singing the classic song "I am really sad to see the new quilt", which reminds people of master Chang Xiangyu's elegant demeanor.

The third generation of silver ring Yang Hongxia played with three "tie Bao" in this performance, from rehearsals to the biggest performance of the actor, although each play is well done in the chest, each rehearsal is still meticulous.

"Chaoyang ditch" is the repertoire of the three troupe of Henan Henan opera academy for 60 years. It has performed more than 5000 performances. The performance, the leadership of the group and the staff of the whole group attach great importance to it, and have opened a mobilization meeting for this purpose.

Yang Shengdao, the planner named "the classic singing, the eternal Chaoyang ditch", has profound feelings and Research on the art of Henan opera, and also exchanges with the leaders and actors in the rehearsal hall.

When the actors meet the play, they meet the play, see the band to practice, from the white to the singing, from the action to the eyes, one style, one sentence carefully pondering. Zhang Zequn is as active as a student to ask the artists for fear of missing any one of the details. Chaoyang Gou, the third generation silver ring and chained Bao actor, Henan Opera master Yang Hongxia and Sheng Hong Lin, demonstrated for Zhang Zequn and explained the key points of each movement conscientiously.

In order to present this special performance to more viewers, CCTV's air theater column went to Zhengzhou to record. In July 8th, CCTV relay car and recording team arrived at the 8 studio of Henan TV station.

At 9 a.m. on July 9th, the dress rehearsal began formally. Before Zhang Zequn came on the scene, Sheng Honglin, the third generation chained player, was carefully guided. After the second rehearsal, Zhang Zequn hurried to the high-speed rail station to greet the famous singer Yan Weiwen.

At 12:30, Zhang Zequn, the producer of the show, was on behalf of the opera group in Zhengzhou east station, welcoming Mr. Yan Weiwen and Mr. Cheng Zhonghe, a singer coming from Shanxi. As soon as he got off, Mr. Yan Weiwen talked about Henan dialect, and immediately entered the chained state.

On the afternoon of 9, Mr. Yan Weiwen arrived at the Studio 8, and he walked along the stage. Yan Weiwen will play the role of Chai Bao in the cross section, and is also his first performance in Henan opera. As a result, Yan Weiwen, who was modestly "outsider", found a video more than 20 days ago to learn to sing along with the cell phone, and the symphony orchestra had a smooth process.

After the joy of the music, Yan Weiwen immediately spoke to Yang Hongxia, the actor of the silver ring. He said, "I am mainly an imitation of learning, but it is not a professional opera actor, so I do not avoid the style of my own, and I hope the audience can feel different."

At the 17 p.m. performance day, the four generation actors in Chaoyang Valley gathered together to stage the curtain call. In this link, the four most popular classical aria in Chaoyang valley will be reproduced for the first time.

At 19:30 in the evening, "the classic singing, the everlasting" "Chaoyang ditch", elaborate preparations for many days of the performance in the opening of the CCTV host Zhang Zhe, the official opening of the curtain.

Chaoyang Gou, Yang Hongxia and Sheng Honglin, the third generation of silver rings and tethered security players, took the lead in making their debut.

"Take a ridge and climb over a mountain..." That night, when Zhang Zequn appeared as a chained guard, he won the full hall of the party.

As a familiar host of the program, Zhang Zequn gave the audience a refreshing performance and made his best effort to present the second "up mountain" in the "Chaoyang ditch" for his parents. The audience applauded with warm applause.

After 6 and a half of the performance, Zhang Zequn was sweating profusely. He rubbed his legs and sighed, "it's too suspending. It almost missed the stage." Because of a number of days of high intensity training, Zhang Zequn sprint out of the field, calf muscle strain, but he insisted on pain to finish, the audience did not see any difference.

This wonderful performance, from starring to supporting role, is very devoted to everyone. The whole performance has four silver rings, six tethered insurance, four tethered Niang, two silver mother, two old branch books and three two mother. The famous Henan opera performing artists, Ma Lan, Meng Xiangli, Cui Yuping, Wang Huimin, Chen Xiulan, Wang Dan, took turns to serve the "gluttonous feast" for the parents of the Henan opera.

That night, singer Yan Weiwen played the role of "Chai Bao" in the sixth play, and the classic song "I resolutely worked in the countryside for one hundred years". Yan Weiwen said that being able to take part in the performance was exciting and intense, and it was a rare opportunity to join the many Henan Opera masters. This performance is also a learning. We should learn from folk art and learn from traditional operas.

"Classic singing", "forever Chaoyang ditch" is a tribute to reform and opening up 40th anniversary, salute "Chaoyang Gou" creation 60th anniversary special performance. Jia Wenlong, the head of the three regiment of the Henan Henan opera academy, who had never participated in the "Chaoyang" performance, and the party secretary of the general branch of the Communist Party of China, played a role in the last field of labor, and made a special tribute to the classic.

At the end, "the great construction of the motherland is a thousand miles", "the arch of the foreleg, the back leg pedal", "the mother and the mother you sit down, we say the bosom words", "the Chaoyang ditch is a big harvest this year", when the four classical chorus on the platform, all the visitors and the audience can not help standing ovation together.

"No matter how far you go, no matter what you are doing, you can't forget my mother when we are there." The familiar melody rang again, and Yan Weiwen sang "mother". All the actors in the song sang deep and bowed to the curtain.

Three hours of performance, a wonderful scene, let the audience linger on.

In the long river of art, the real classics will never fade in the passage of time. In addition to the artistic charm of the work itself, Chaoyang Gou has been performing for sixty years, and it is inseparable from the love and protection of Chaoyang Gou people from generation to generation. The wonderful moments on the stage came from many unknown days and nights. "Classical people sing", the four generation of Chaoyang gully people gathered together to present the festival of Henan opera, "the eternal Chaoyang ditch" for the classic inheritance and promotion, leaving a thick and heavy color.

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In the evening of July 9th, the cross boundary celebrities and the old artists jointly deduce "the eternal Chaoyang ditch" in the Henan television station 8 studio, salute the reform and opening up 40th anniversary, "Chaoyang ditch" creation 60th anniversary. This performance has created many historic moments, so that audiences can truly feel the lasting charm of this classic drama.

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