This issue concerns the fundamental purpose of which must be clarified.

This issue concerns the fundamental purpose of which must be clarified.

Original title: this issue is related to the fundamental purpose and must be clear.

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"Who is the soldier, who is fighting for it?" This seems to be a simple question, which is a very difficult question to answer.

In the history of our country, the army of our country has the character of obvious "private armed forces" and has always been unable to change the destiny of serving as a tool for a few people "home under the world". "Loyalty to the country" and "pay the soldiers for soldiers" have become the original intention of the army for thousands of years, and sometimes there will be a society of "good iron not nailed, good men not to be soldiers". The wind.

In history, many "golden iron horse" male teacher's strength, the rise and fall of the rise and fall of the fate of the dynasty is dependent on the fate of the vicissitudes of the general, and ultimately only leave the "wind is always blown away".

In the modern history of China, all kinds of factions and various types of old army came onto the field, some for small groups to gain private interests, some for the bureaucratic warlords and the guards, some for the exploitation class as hawks, and the support of the army to turn the old China into a scattered sand.

In the face of the aggression of the powers, the army is passive to protect its strength, the tragedy of the first World War, or even the failure of the war, is repeated, and a few invaders can go through the land of China like an inhuman. In the end, all of these troops were lost in the dust of history.

The repeated emergence of this situation proves that the army that only serves a small number of people can not save the disaster of the old China, and can not serve as a heavy responsibility to save the fate of the Chinese nation that has sunk at the bottom of the valley.


Huntington, an American scholar, wrote in the soldier and state that the army has always been an autocratic tool, and the people will form a social psychology of suspicion, exclusion and resistance to the army over a long time. Therefore, only by staying away from the masses can the army establish a good relationship between the army and the people.

If Huntington cast his eyes on Modern China, he could feel the deep feeling of the Communist army and the people in harmony with each other. Perhaps he would change this conclusion.

In the Xibaipo memorial hall, there is still a note on display. It says: "use the last bowl of rice as a grain, use the last foot cloth to sew military clothes, cover the last old cotton padded jacket on the stretcher, and send the last one to the battlefield..." After the Huaihai Campaign, the army raised about 500 million jin of grain. This is no doubt an astronomical figure.

Which army is so popular with the people?

Yimeng red wife nourished eight road soldiers with milk; the old man in the Soviet Area sent 8 sons to the army, all the heroic sacrifices; the attack Yuncheng needed wood and the villagers unloaded 170 thousand doors; the Ping Jin campaign needed materials, more than 40 thousand knives and axe chisels, the frozen Daqing River resumed navigation, and the troops attacked Jiaxian for 3 days. Grain, the villagers cut off the green shoots and kill the animals. "After this campaign, Jiaxian did not see cattle and sheep in three years".

From the war of resistance against Japan, "the sea of the enemy to the disaster", to the "tide of the small cart and the stretcher" in the war of liberation, and to the anti American aggression and aid Korea, "the whole country is willing to lean on its financial resources", and in the unselfish support of the people, the people's army has been swept away and never before, from victory to victory.


"Ordinary people are not destined to go with us. Why not go with others?" In the war era, Liu Baicheng asked.

The answer has been clearly written in the history of the people's army.

Looking at the world, no army has sacrificed its devotion in order to change the fate of the people. At the departure of the Long March, the Red Army had 186 thousand people, only more than 30 thousand people left after reaching Northern Shaanxi, and 1 people gave their lives for 300 meters per line; the war of resistance against Japan, the people's armed forces led by the Communist Party were about 600000, the war of liberation, and the sacrifice of the more than 260 thousand soldiers on the eve of the Republic's birth; and after the founding of the new China, about 300000 officers dedicated the people for the people. Life.

Looking at the world, no army is desperate to protect the interests of the people. In the liberation of Shanghai, in order to protect the safety of the people's life and property, the troops were ordered to die at all levels. Only light weapons were used in urban combat, and no artillery and explosive medicine bags were not allowed. Everyone knew that it meant more casualties, but the city of attack called out the shocking slogan, "for the people, will be the last number of victims before the victory!"

As Comrade Mao Zedong said, "the strength of this army is because all those who join the army... It is fighting for the interests of the broad masses of the people and for the interests of the whole nation.

Only when the army of the people is truly in mind can we sacrifice for the cause of the people. It is precisely because of this that the people's army has won the genuine support and strong support of the masses and has strong backbones and source of strength to defeat all enemies.


No matter how far we go, we can not forget that the milk of "red sister" has raised the wound. It is the "thousand layers" of the common people to send us over the snow mountain meadow.

Only by not forgetting the original mind can we answer the question of "who to serve as a soldier and who to fight for".

On New Year's day, on 2016, careful people noticed that when President Xi made a new year's congratulation, he added a picture on his desk, which was the scene of his return to the Liang Jia river village, who was in the same year, to visit his father and father.

A picture, a kind of care, a memorial, a feeling.

"We must always be with the people, work together with the people, unite with the people, work hard, work diligently, and work hard to give a qualified answer to history and to the people."

This is a promise made by a political party to the people.

In 1947, at the memorial service of a general soldier, comrade Mao Zedong delivered a famous speech on serving the people. At the beginning of the speech, it was pointed out in a clear way: "our army is solely for the liberation of the people and for the interests of the people."

Serving the people wholeheartedly, these 9 characters, as the purpose of the army's army building, are also the implementation and practice of the purpose of the construction of the party in the people's army. Naturally, it has also added the most gorgeous background to the soul of the people's army.

When the people need it, the army is with the people; when the interests of the people are threatened, the soldiers come forward. No matter in the face of the battlefield of the flames of war or the danger of disaster relief, where is the most needed, there is the footprint of the soldiers. The most lovable people in the new era is the people's highest praise for the army.

"Always be the people's trust, the people's support and the people's love for the children."

This is also a solemn commitment of the army to the people.



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