For the first time in human history, "touch" the sun will launch the NASA solar probe.

For the first time in human history,

According to the sun's July 13th report, the NASA will launch a solar probe late in the eastern United States in July 13th, which will end the history of humans never going directly into the solar atmosphere. The main task of the detector called Parke is to explore how the nearest star works.

According to previous media reports, NASA will launch the detector in August 4th.

The Sun reported that the Parke sun detector will be launched at about 1:30 p.m. Eastern time on July 13th, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, United States. According to NASA's official statement, it will fly about 150 million kilometers to "touch" the sun.

At present, the detector has completed a large number of tests before launch.

However, the detector does not really touch the sun because the temperature on the surface of the sun reaches 5500 degrees Celsius, and once it approaches, it will be destroyed directly. The detector, under the protection of an advanced insulation board, will fly into the atmosphere of the sun and stay at about 4 million miles from the sun's surface.

NASA said in a statement that some of the changes that are happening on the surface of the sun can spread throughout the solar system, affecting the earth and other solar systems. This time, astronauts will provide unprecedented information about the sun, and they will track how energy and heat penetrate the solar atmosphere and explore what accelerates the solar wind and the movement of the solar energy particles.

This will be an observation of the recent distance of the sun in human history. The task of "Parke" is part of a planet program being carried out by NASA, which aims to explore the relationships that have not yet been discovered between the sun and the earth. According to NASA, this study will provide the necessary information for improving the accuracy of space weather forecasts.

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