When the "dry duck" police jumped into the sea and saved their lives, they cried when their family reported peace.

When the

Original title: look at crying ~ "dry duck" police jump into the sea to save people, and when they reported peace with their families, police wife unexpectedly...

Late July 11th

The rain is raging on the Qinhuangdao sea

To save a woman who wants to drown.

Guo Wei, a policeman patrolling the sea

Regardless of himself as a "dry duck"

Jump into the sea and save the woman

After the news

Guo Wei's wife was crying in fear.

"Why can't you swim? Why are you so reckless?"

But Guo Wei laughed

"I didn't think so much at that time, but I thought I would get her back!"

Guo Wei said to his wife:

I'm a police officer

I'm sure it's going to go up!

What does it say!

I didn't think so much at that time.

It's all right.

Don't cry and cry.


It's all right.

Don't cry


Thousands of netizens moved

Everyone left a message saying:

They are the "guardians" of the people!

Netizen message:

@ Ma Yan Tao: brother, good, give you a lot of praise

@ Ye City dandelion: put on this police uniform, there is a kind of inexplicable sense of responsibility! Give you a good deal of my comrades!

@ Nao Nao 337: praise for the people's police, the patron saint of the people.

Just drink 707 water: cry

Dregs and wave dregs

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