20 year old girl after the college entrance examination lost her job, she cried and called for money.

20 year old girl after the college entrance examination lost her job, she cried and called for money.

Original title: 20 year old girl after the college entrance examination lost her job, she cried and called for money.

For the first time in a week when her daughter lost her job, Cao Jianping realized what she called "on pins and needles". Almost every half an hour, he took out his cell phone and hit her daughter's phone, but the receiver was always cold. "The phone you dialed is off."

He could not imagine what happened to his 20 year old daughter, nor dared to tell her old parents about it. The old man thought their precious granddaughter worked hard in Baoji to earn their own tuition. In fact, their children had lost contact with their families since July 5th. Cao Jianping suspected her daughter was in a pyramid market.

Daughter claims to go to Baoji for a part-time job

Cao Jianping's daughter, Cao Yingying, had just attended the college entrance examination more than a month ago. In June 22nd, Yingying told her father that he wanted to work in Baoji, and the next day she left the home in Qinan, Tianshui, Gansu, and took the high-speed rail to Baoji. According to Cao Jianping, in July 5th, the child suddenly asked for money on the phone. She asked a few more questions, and her phone was no longer able to get through.

The reason for her daughter's money is that Cao Jianping feels very strange. "That day she suddenly cried and called me, saying she had a stomach ache to see a doctor, and asked me 4000 yuan. I asked her in which hospital, she looked at her in a vague way, but emphasized that her stomach was perforated and she was in urgent need of money. I asked her to take a video or send the doctor to contact me. I asked her uncle to give her the money and she hung up the phone. Cao Jianping said why he insisted that his daughter take the video first, because he vaguely heard someone on the phone talking to her daughter in a sentence. "At that time, I realized that things might not be that simple. My baby could be controlled by people in pyramid selling organizations."

Cao Jianping, less than 50 years old, has little culture and has been dealing with the loess land all his life. But for pyramid schemes, he has learned something from the news. He thought he had not given the money, and he might have seen no "oil" from her daughter, but he had completely lost contact with her daughter from that day.

Monitoring shows that her daughter is indeed in Baoji

In July 9th, the anxious Cao Jianping ran to Baoji, hoping to get the child back, but the useful information was too little. He turned like a fly without a head for a day, and not much harvest.

"When the child went there, he told me that she had a classmate's sister working in Baoji, and she had already found her job. After she lost contact, we found her classmate and wanted to ask her sister where she was in Baoji. People said she had no sister at all. Cao Jianping said that the clue was broken and he had to choose to seek help from the police. Subsequently, the Baoji police helped him get the surveillance video of Baoji south station. The video showed that her daughter did come out of the station from the 24 day. According to the investigation, the identity information has never bought any other ticket records.

Cao Jianping is more convinced that his daughter is still in Baoji. "Now that this is happening, both my mother and I are very anxious. The 3 remaining children are not in a mood to take care of their work. I hope that a good hearted person can help us pay attention to the whereabouts of her daughter. Cao Jianping said that although he had reported cases in both Gansu and Baoji, they were told that they could not reach the standard of filing cases, so they could only rely on themselves to find their daughters. "She is only 20 years old. She is going to college right away. If something is going on, we can't accept it. I hope you can get in touch with me through the three Qin city newspapers."

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