The first man after the nineteen was severely punished

The first man after the nineteen was severely punished

Original title: Nineteen after the first person, he was severely punished

On the afternoon of 13 July, the intermediate people's Court of Bengbu, Anhui, sentenced the first party committee member and deputy director Cheng Han of the Anhui Provincial Judicial Department to first instance. Cheng Han was sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment and 4 million yuan in penalty for committing bribery. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for committing favoritism and bending the law. Decides to carry out fixed-term imprisonment in seventeen years and six months, and fines 4 million yuan, and recover the illegal gains.

The court found that from 2006 to February 2015, Cheng Han was the director of the office of the Anhui public security office, the director of the Hefei Public Security Bureau, the vice mayor of the people's Government of Hefei, and the deputy director of the judicial office of the Anhui province. During this period, Cheng used the convenience of duty to provide help for the units or individuals in business operation, case handling, license plate handling and so on. While accepting bribes, Cheng Han also intervened in cases by taking advantage of his duties, helping others to "calm down" and causing bad effects in society.

The court believed that Cheng Han received or asked for bribes, a total of RMB 1795.523644 yuan, which belonged to a special amount of bribery, and had many bribery plots and more than 600 yuan of bribery, and the defendant, Cheng Han, had a bad attitude of confessing and repentant, so he punished him in accordance with the law. After the incident, all the illicit money and booty had been recovered and sentencing was properly considered. According to Cheng Han's criminal facts, nature, plot and harm to society, the case was discussed and decided by the judicial committee of the Bengbu intermediate people's court, and the decision was made according to law.

After the sentencing, Cheng Han said in court that he would appeal.

"The political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that in the nineteen major convicted after the officials of the horse and above, was severely punished and appealed to the court, Cheng Han is the first person.

Cheng Han was born in November 1963. Anhui Fanchang people, whose official career is only in Anhui, has long served in the Anhui provincial political and legal system. In July 1985, after graduating from the law department of Anhui University, he went into the office of the provincial public security office and served as deputy director of the office of the provincial public security office in 1997, after which he was the chief of the public security department and the director of the office of the provincial public security office.

In April 2007, Cheng Han became the provincial Party committee secretary and director of the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau, and was identified as deputy mayor in the following year. In April 2011, he entered the leadership of the municipal government and served as vice mayor.

According to media reports, as the head of the provincial capital city public security bureau, Cheng Han is famous for his outstanding personality and strong style of work. His "slapping deputy director" has been widely spread in Anhui's officialdom. People familiar with the public security system in Hefei confirmed that, around 2013, because of disagreement, Cheng slapped a deputy director of the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau on the scene of a meal. Because the force was too strong, the deputy director was even knocked out of a tooth. Afterwards, the deputy director's family reported Cheng Han to the relevant departments of Anhui Province, and Cheng Han was also known as "slap in the face Secretary".

In August 2014, Cheng Han left the public security system for the first time and transferred to the deputy director of the provincial judicial department and the Party committee member. When he was appointed, he had sent a farewell letter to the Hefei public security network. The article began to reveal that the leadership of the Provincial Committee was talking to him. The adjustment was a change of work. The article ended with a quote from the poem of the famous poet of India, Tagore, "no trace of wings in the sky, but I have flown".

Although it was a leveling move, Cheng Han transferred to the provincial judicial office and made a lot of low-key comments. In May 2016, Cheng was checked.

"Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that Cheng Han was in the central fifth tour group during the tour of Anhui province to carry out a tour "look back" during the horse, when the survey feedback pointed out that Anhui province "a few cadres do not converge hands, the wind violating discipline."

In August 2016, Anhui issued a "look back" rectification notice. The bulletin said that we must resolutely curb the spread of corruption and continue to intensify the discipline review in light of the fact that "a small number of cadres still do not converge." Cheng Xiaoxian, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Bozhou Municipal People's Congress, deputy director Sha Shenghu of the provincial people's Committee, deputy director of the Provincial Justice Department, Cheng Han, deputy mayor of Anqing, and Fan Xianhan, the director of the Public Security Bureau, have been investigated and dealt with in the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the National People's Congress.

In November last year, appointed by the Anhui provincial Procuratorate, the procuratorate of Bengbu city of Anhui province filed a public prosecution on Cheng Han's case of bribery and favoritism.

In the morning of December 13th last year, Cheng Han was tried in Bengbu intermediate people's Court on suspicion of accepting bribes and bending the law for selfish ends. At that time, he was charged by the prosecutor for bribery, which amounted to 18 million 205 thousand and 600 yuan, more than the $1795.523644 identified by the court.

According to the accusation by the prosecution, Cheng Han has 18 facts about bribery crime. Among them, the most single bribe is a watch worth tens of millions.

From July 2007 to August 2014, he accepted a request from a legal representative of a company limited to help the company to deal with emergencies during the business process. In April 2014, Cheng Han received a 13 million Hong Kong dollar "Patek Philippe" watch with 10 million 305 thousand and 100 yuan in the other's home.

In addition, 18 cases of bribery involved 8 cases of "caring" subordinates. In the second half of 2009, in the second half of 2009, Cheng said that he hoped to get his care of the subordinates Wang XXX, he saw a "BMW" bicycle in Beijing airport, and later Wang XXX bought the value of RMB 45 thousand yuan "BMW" bicycle to Cheng Han. In March 2016, Cheng Han returned the bicycle for fear of organizing the investigation.

Cheng Han's other crime is to commit the crime of bending the law for selfish ends. The court found that he "took advantage of his influence to intervene in cases and help others to" calm down "and cause bad effects in society.

WeChat (ID:xjbzse) noticed that Cheng Han had used his power to help him get rid of extortion. In the first instance, the procuratorial organ disclosed the relevant cases.

According to the allegation, in the first half of 2013, Wang Mou and Li discussed the purchase of candid camera equipment, photographed others' privacy, and then extorted money from the parties.

In June 12, 2014, two people mailed a U plate and a blackmail letter to the deputy mayor of Hefei and the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The next afternoon, the U disc was checked by signing, the content of Cheng Han's privacy video and pictures. The content of the letter said it had mastered the illegal video of Cheng Han. It had not been handed over to the Commission and the superior department, and he asked Cheng Han to give money, otherwise it would be announced to the society.

In the morning of June 16th, Cheng Han sent his subordinates to his office and lied about being photographed with his wife in a hotel and being blackmailed, demanding an investigation. In order to cover up the private situation, Cheng Han asked for a written investigation of the case of extortion, and asked not to deal with the case from the public security co operation system. At the same time, the technician would have used the computer of the U plate to handle the technology, and then demanded that the legal procedures for the investigation of the case be blackmailed together. In the case of cable.

At 16 o'clock in June 19th, Wang was arrested in Huaibei and was brought back to Hefei Public Security Bureau for questioning that evening. Before the trial, Cheng Han convened a meeting of three subordinates and demanded that three of them should be interrogated. Details of the blackmail are not asked during the trial, only if there are identical video reproductions and whether there are any partners.

After questioning, Wang confessed to backup the U disk hidden on the back of his desk in Huaibei. The next morning, the backup U disk was retrieved from Huaibei and sent to Cheng Han. After Cheng Han to check, again asked whether there is a similar U disk, whether there are associates for interrogation, and make it clear that if Wang XXX attitude is good, it will not be held responsible. In the late Cheng Han, Wang's attitude was good, so his subordinates would let Wang go away. After that, the backup U disk is also destroyed.

In June 20th, Hefei police in Inner Mongolia Ordos City has been locked and ready to arrest Lee, Cheng Han asked to give up arrest. The late Cheng Han was not investigated again by extortion, and no measures were taken to cause the two Wang Li people to be separated from the judicial organs for investigation and control.


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