The 28 year old guy made up his clothes on the street to earn his living in Hangzhou.

The 28 year old guy made up his clothes on the street to earn his living in Hangzhou.

Original title: the little guys rely on the street to buy clothes to buy a house successfully. Net friend: again, deceive me to change my job

As the saying goes well, "three hundred and sixty lines, line out the number one", in Hangzhou, there is such a "number one", 28 year old Dong Wylie light is by sewing the complement of the craft, in Hangzhou Ding Qiao bought a suite.

No facade, no address, only by this handicraft, let Dong Wylie become a "living sign" on Yanan road. When he saw Dong Huaili, it was the right afternoon in the sun. He was sitting in the doorway of Wulin Yintai, holding a broken hole in his hands, and doing his work with a needle and a needle.

The opening of the post - 90s boy

Dong Huaili's mother, Wang Suzhen, is the most worth mentioning on the road to becoming a mending man. Dong Huaili's exquisite workmanship is taught by Wang Suzhen. They are not only mother and son, but also "competitors". Like Xiao Dong, Wang Suzhen is a street mend, and is done near Wulin Road. It's more than ten years.

Before making up, Dong Huaili also changed a lot of other work, did sales and did a shopping guide, went on a shift in the clothing factory, but the income was not high, until after the life of ordinary people married son, the pressure followed, Dong Huaili began to follow the mother to make up.

At first, the mother gave him the dress to repair, gradually Dong Huaili's craft began to get a lot of customer praise, reputation also went out a lot, after a few years in the mother's hands, Dong Huaili back on the backpack began his own street weaving career.

On the first day, Dong Huaili, who was at the door of the Yintai gate of Wulin, received only a pair of trousers that broke the hole and made 20 yuan for the mending fee. But as the more and more business cards became more and more, the people who were looking for him to do mending were also growing. On the average one day, there were five or six pieces of clothes and a few hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars. Even thousands of pieces.

No matter how to say, a big man do this sewing and complement work, it is unavoidable to be discussed by other people, at the beginning, Dong Huaili heard these voices will feel awkward, and later, for a long time, he also wants to understand: the weaving is by his own skills, this money is earnest, no good embarrassment. Yes.

Mending is also a practice

The forty minutes of the battery ride from home to Wulin Yintai were Dong Huaili's daily experience. His shoulder bag was his only "bag". In addition to a large palmar mending tool and a few needles, all the backpacks packed in the bag were taken on the day of clothes and patronic customers. Clothes.

For street darning people, the environmental factor is probably their biggest influence.

Today is the summer, the summer in Hangzhou is never soft to the street mending people, and Dong Huaili is to be in such weather with care and patience with a needle and one piece back to the customer one piece of perfect clothing, the doorway at the doorway of the mall, can become his place of work, long room. Outside work, Dong Huaili's skin also has a healthy wheat color.

At half past five every day is Dong Huaili's work time, is also the time for his work to open again, for him, but is to mend the place from the store door to the home, in order to fill the clothes as soon as possible, Dong Huaili often mended at home in the early morning.

A needle and a thread prop up a day's home

The first thing Dong Huaili has to do is to watch the clothes, cloth, colors and warp and weft lines when a customer sends the clothes that need to be repaired.

Dong Huaili was busy doing the work in his hand. Every weft was in the middle of the line. Every time he stared at his eyes, Dong Huaili needed to look around and ease his eye fatigue.

In the 16 year, Dong Huaili bought a flat of 90 flat in Hangzhou's bridge, and then lived on the mortgage loan every month.

Not long ago, a single "big business" to find Dong Huaili, this time to make up not famous brand clothes, not famous brand bags, but a modified Mercedes Benz open car. The owner, Mr. Han, had consulted four shops, and how to get a 45 thousand of such a convertible.

Mr. Han, the owner of the car, learned from his friend that Dong Huaili, "net red mending" in Hangzhou, contacted Xiao Dong immediately. He invited him to come to repair the awning. Not only the cost of the road, the cost of accommodation, but also the cost of repairing 10 thousand yuan.

Taking into account the summer is the low season of weaving, plus the pressure of mortgage loans, Xiaodong promised to come down, although this trip seems to make more money, but also extraordinarily hard.

The damaged place is located at the top of the car, and the mother and son of two can only stand on the small stool to fill up on the car. One trip down and aches and pains, and return to Hangzhou for a few days.

The weaving stall of water and water under the change of the times

Dong Huaili is now the father of two children, the eldest daughter is 7 years old, the young son is only 3 years old, the child, Dong Huaili suddenly special spirit: "now the daughter knows a lot, I go back at night and she will run this knocking back and knead shoulder."

Don't look outside, Dong Huaili is a kind and amiable look. At home, Dong Huaili is a perfect "strict father" image. "Sometimes, when I go home and see the toys thrown by children at home, I'll call them and make them clean up."

Dong Huaili's first reaction was "do not", when he talked about whether he wanted his child to inherit his own skills. Dong Huaili wanted her daughter to study well. After all, no one knew more about how hard it was. Than the inheritance of the craft, his father's love was shown here in Dong Huaili. It is particularly thorough.

In the past eight years, many business models have been quietly changing, but only this mobile small patch stall is still steady and steady. In the change of the times, the flow of fine water is still long. (author: Cui Can)

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